Wal-Mart gift certificate

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Wal-Mart gift certificate
Wal-Mart gift certificate

This is a gift certificate to Wal-Mart, which is a store on the Glaciest owned and operated by Walford Rusley the walrus and which is not intended to be similar in name, appearance or character to any other retail establishment, fictional or otherwise.

Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: Wal-Mart gift certificates)
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Item number: 8673
Description ID: 882474988
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Obtained From

The Ice Hotel
All They Got Inside is Vacancy (and Ice) (once per day) (3)
VYKEA! (once per day) (3)
Walford's Shack
Reward for completing a daily task (10)
mayfly bait necklace (after some combats in any The Glaciest zone)
lovebugs (after some combats in any The Glaciest zone)
bag of foreign bribes (2-4, sometimes)
lucky gold ring (sometimes, if The Glaciest is accessible)



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