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WKOL - We Know Our Listeners!

About the Station

WKOL was a player-based radio station, much like RKoL. It was a 24-hour station dedicated not to the game, but to the listeners. WKOL strove to make the listening experience as entertaining and exciting as any other aspect of the game. ArtsyChick and SeveredToe founded WKOL after parting ways with RKoL on July 26th, 2005. The administration was ArtsyChick, SeveredToe, Cierra, and Call Me M, with the entire DJ staff aiding the administration with the work.

How to Listen/Chat

Unlike RKoL, there was no in-game chat channel for WKOL, but there was a very active AIM chat room. There was a link to the chat on the station's website, or, for those using Trillian or a similar instant messenger manager, the chat could be accessed through the channel name "WKOL". Alternatively, listeners could IM "wkol zmobie 1" (the word "invite" triggered the zmobie), another chatbot, or the current DJ via AIM to receive a chat invitation. There was also an IRC chat on irc.caelestia.net by the name of wkol.

The End

In early June 2006, the station signed off for good. The former station administration team has decided to try radio outside of the KoL Community, and some former WKOL DJs--and listeners--can be found at other KoL-based stations, including Big Cock Radio, Plan B Radio Network, RadioFreeXangaka, and PKOL.

List of Former DJs (Incomplete)

  • ArtsyChick
  • SeveredToe
  • Muymanwell
  • DeadGirlsDontSayNo
  • Wrassler
  • MizzKyttie
  • SewerRatz
  • DonnaMatrix
  • GoddessGoddess
  • KingSuicide
  • Alhanna
  • Lillith
  • Soda Fett
  • DukeOfDisco
  • Kattawynn
  • DreamIsle
  • DingDing
  • JefferyDuke
  • badfae
  • BlatantJoke
  • IllyaKuryakin
  • the DREAD Pirate Wesley
  • Bulletproof
  • DrFeelGood
  • Majic Theyes
  • Cierra
  • Killernurd
  • BondBatgirl
  • Armondo
  • Fembot Artsypants
  • YQM
  • Bomber
  • VikingGoddess
  • ToriForte
  • BobaJames
  • xxArmageddonxx
  • Helo
  • Bulletproof
  • PandaPants