Visible Music

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Visible Music
Monster ID 362
Locations Mediocre Trip
Hit Points 50
Attack 53
Defense 47
No-Hit 63
Initiative 60
Meat None
Phylum weird
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts treble clef, quarter note, time signature
orange-frosted astral cupcake
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Visible Music You're fighting some Visible Music

As you wander through your mediocre trip, you hear music coming from the room next to you. Suddenly, you can see the music -- it's, like, floating through the air in front of you. And it looks pissed.

Hit Message(s):

It smacks you with a pretty amazing guitar lick. You're thoroughly licked. Argh! Ow!

It beats you with a ten-minute drum solo. Percussive! Ugh! Argh! Oof!

Critical Hit Message:

The breakdown starts, thoroughly breaking you. Argh! Ugh! Ooh!

Miss Message(s):

It tries to smack you with a guitar lick, but you just enjoy being licked.

It tries to beat you with a drum solo, but the lead guitar kicks in again just in time.

Fumble Message:

The next track starts to play, but fortunately it's John Cage's 4' 33". (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Cupcake.gifYou acquire an item: orange-frosted astral cupcake (15.4% chance)*
You gain 13-14 <substat>.

Occurs during the Mediocre Trip.


  • This adventure references the phenomenon of synaesthesia, where two senses are "linked" so that the victim is able to "see" sounds or smells. People under the influence of hallucinogens have reported synaesthesic experiences.
  • The ten-minute drum solo from one of the hit messages may refer to the extended drum solo from Iron Butterfly's song "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida".
  • The fumble message references "4′33″", a musical work by avant-garde composer John Cage consisting of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence.