Vial of jus de larmes

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Vial of jus de larmes
Vial of jus de larmes

This is a delicious sauce you made from the tears of a giant little girl. A little giant girl. A young girl who was also very large.

(Cooking ingredient)
Cannot be discarded
Gift Item

(In-game plural: vials of jus de larmes')
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Item number: 4513
Description ID: 209380924
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Obtained From

A Moment of Reflection
The Caucus Racetrack as a Sauceror
Investigate the bursts



  • jus de larmes is French for "juice of tears".


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Duchess' Feast Ingredients
Class Item Reflection choice
Seal Clubber Rricecream.gif walrus ice cream Field of Strawberries
Turtle Tamer Soupbowl.gif beautiful soup Croquet Grounds
Pastamancer Eggnoodles.gif eggman noodles* Field of Strawberries
Sauceror Potion2.gif Vial of jus de larmes* Caucus Racetrack
Disco Bandit Lobstertail.gif Lobster qua Grill Croquet Grounds
Accordion Thief Missingwine.gif missing wine Caucus Racetrack
*eggman noodles and vial of jus de larmes must be cooked together to create Humpty Dumplings