Vial of blue slime

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vial of blue slime
vial of blue slime

This is a small vial of blue slime, which you collected from the remains of a dead ooze of some sort.

It sort of looks like that transparent blue toothpaste you get sometimes. I don't recommend brushing your teeth with it, though.

(Cooking ingredient)
Type: potion
Selling Price: 33 Meat.
Cannot be traded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: vials of blue slime)
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Item number: 3887
Description ID: 667810358
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Obtained From

The Convention Hall Lobby
booth slime
A Boat


Lovepotion.gif vial of blue slime vial of blue slime
Equals.gif vial of blue slime

When Used

You drink the vial of blue slime. It doesn't taste like toothpaste, and probably isn't that great for your teeth either.
Slimemus1.gifYou acquire an effect: Slimily Strong
(duration: 15 Adventures)

Slimemag1.gifYou acquire an effect: Slimily Sagacious
(duration: 15 Adventures)

Slimemox1.gifYou acquire an effect: Slimily Speedy
(duration: 15 Adventures)



  • The effect gained varies by ascension.

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