Very Like a Whale

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Trophy Number: 129
Image Filename: oh_no_not_again.gif

Very Like a Whale
Very Like a Whale

This trophy is earned by making a bowl of petunias.

Very Like a Whale You're entitled to the "Very Like a Whale" Trophy, for bringing into existence an improbable bowl of petunias.


  • The name of this trophy is a reference to Act III, Scene ii of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Hamlet messes around with the obsequious courtier Polonius by pretending to be watching clouds and changing what he thinks they look like, leading Polonius to describe a cloud as "like a camel", "like a weasel", and "very like a whale" in quick succession.
  • The image name is a reference to Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. In one scene, an "infinite improbability drive" turns a pair of missiles into a sperm whale and a bowl of petunias. The bowl of petunias thinks, "Oh, no, not again" before falling to the ground.