Vandal kid

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Vandal kid
Monster ID 1448
Locations Trick or Treat!
Hit Points 75% of Defense
Attack Player's Moxie-3
Defense Player's Muscle-3
Initiative 50
Meat None
Phylum dude
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts head, arm, leg, torso
slingshot, carton of rotten eggs, spray paint
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
vandal kid You're fighting Ricky Conner the Kid Who Plays With Fire

You hear a hissing sound coming from the front porch as you walk up to the house. Maybe the owner has one of those spooooky snake Halloween decorations! Or maybe they just have an actual snake. You approach with caution, only to find the hissing is coming from a can of spray paint. Which is followed by profanity coming from the kid holding the can. "Trick or treat, you little nerd," he says, aiming a rotten egg at you.

Hit Message(s):

He sprays some black spray paint in your eyes. You know look like a raccoon. Well, a blind raccoon, anyway. Ooh! Eek!

He tosses a rotten egg at you. It splatters all over you, and is sulfurous and gross. Argh! Ooh! (stench damage)

He pulls out a slingshot and lodges a pebble deep in your <foot>. Ow! Ugh!

He whips out a switchblade and slashes your tires. And by "tires," I mean, "<groin>." Ugh! Ouch!

He spray paints an X on your solar plexus, then punches you in it. Eek! Argh!

He whips out a switchblade and carves his initials into you. It wouldn't hurt that bad except he has, like, four middle names. Ow! Ouch!

Critical Hit Message:

He pulls out the shaving cream he was using to wreck the paint on cars, sprays it on you, and attempts to shave you with his switchblade. It doesn't go well, though he thinks it's pretty funny. Ooh! Ugh!

Miss Message(s):

He sprays some black spray paint at your face, but you're too culturally sensitive to do blackface.

He tosses a rotten egg at you, but you scramble to avoid being poached by him.

He tries to hit you with a slingshot, but would have better luck using the slingshot to launch a projectile at you.

He tries to slash your tires, but you don't have any tires.

He tries to spray paint you, but you dodge the tinted mist.

He whips out his switchcomb instead of his switchblade, and looks a little embarrassed.

Fumble Message:

He stops for a moment to consider what he's doing with his life, and how maybe what he views as funny pranks might be hurtful to others. Then he snaps out of it. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Slingshot.gifYou acquire an item: slingshot (5% chance)*
Eggcarton.gifYou acquire an item: carton of rotten eggs (15% chance)*
Spraycan.gifYou acquire an item: spray paint (10% chance)*

Occurs during Trick or Treat!.



  • Pulling out a comb instead of a switchblade could be a reference to Sluggy Freelance.