Vampyric cloake

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vampyric cloake
vampyric cloake

This is an elegant cloak woven from shifting shadows. What do you do in the shadows? Look freakin' good, that's what.

Type: back item
Cannot be traded or discarded

+15% Item Drops from Monsters
Maximum HP +X
+25% Combat Initiative
+4 Adventure(s) per day
+3 Stats Per Fight
Improves the effectiveness of various Dark Gyffte skills

(In-game plural: vampyric cloakes)
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Item number: 10242
Description ID: 894240195
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Obtained From

vampyric cloake pattern


  • The +HP amount will be equal to your level *10, with a cap at level 130.
  • Will change the letters A, B, O, and the word blood to dark red in chat messages said by the wearer.
  • Grants three skills in combat when not in a Dark Gyffte run. These skills can collectively be used 10 times per day, and grant an inferior version of their Dark Gyffte counterpart for a turn. Only one may be used per combat, although they can be stacked together in free combats.
Some of the blood soaked into your cloake -- you wring it out into a plastic bag you found in the trash and create a makeshift blood bag.
Bloodbag.gifYou acquire an item: blood bag
  • On the Dark Gyffte path, enhances certain path skills (the following list is probably incomplete):
    • Dark Feast deals 25% more damage and heals 25% more HP. This means it will heal more HP than the feasted monster had remaining (at base, before accounting for monster damage resistance), although it still requires the monster have 30/100 HP remaining to use.
    • Ensorcel for (at least) bugs, beasts, dudes, and undead (+item, +meat, HP regen, and delevel, respectively), gives a 25% bonus to the effectiveness of the ensorcelee. Note this is 25% of the ensorcelee's bonus, not a flat 25%, so, i.e., a 200% bug will become 250% with the cloake equipped, and a 300% bug will become 375%.
  • Is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
    You see something moving in the shadows, and realize it's the shadows themselves that are moving -- hey, it's your cloake!
    Cloake.gifYou acquire an item: vampyric cloake


  • When the item was first implemented the chat effect produced red text. At some point on March 9, 2019 this was silently changed to dark red text.


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