Vampire duck

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Vampire duck
Monster ID 564
Locations The Family Plot, McMillicancuddy's Farm (Post-War)
Hit Points 190
Attack 175
Defense 153
No-Hit 185
Initiative 50
Meat 120-180
Phylum beast
Elements spooky
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, leg, tail, torso, wing
duct tape, frightful feather
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
vampire duck You're fighting a vampire duck

This is a duck that, after being driven into the McMillicancuddy Family Plot, got bitten by a vampire. Or a different vampire duck -- that part is uncertain.

What is certain is that it's got a taste for human blood, and it's figured out that you've got a whole big mess of it in your veins right now.

Hit Message(s):

It quacks a spooky, threatening quack at you. You feel yourself quacking up a little. Oof! Oof! Oof! Ugh! Eek! Argh! (spooky damage)

It bites you on the ankle and saaaahks your blaaaaahd. Eek! Ugh! Ugh! Eek! Ow! Argh! (spooky damage)

It stares deep into your eyes, hypnotizing you to do its bidding. Eek! Argh! Ooh! Argh! Eek! Argh! (spooky damage)

It transforms into a cloud of mist. You get run over by a bunch of gorillas. Argh! Oof! Ooh! Ouch! Eek! Ugh! (spooky damage)

Critical Hit Message:

It transforms into some old guy in a tuxedo. He stares deep into your eyes, mesmerizing you while he comes ever closer. A muffled 'quack' as he sinks his fangs into your neck breaks the reverie, but too late. Argh! Ow! Ooh! Argh! Ooh! Ooh! (spooky damage)

Miss Message(s):

It tries to spookily quack at you, but quacking is pretty hard to make spooky.

It tries to saaahk your blaaaaahd, but really saaahks at it.

It tries to hypnotize you, but your will is too strong.

It tries to transform into a cloud of mist, but misses the mark.

Fumble Message:

It opens its bill wide, intent on sinking its fang into your neck and saaaahking your blaaahd. You quickly grab a nearby bulb of garlic and stuff it in the duck's mouth as it approaches. Gotcha! (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meat.gifYou gain 120-180 Meat (average: 150, stdev: 12.65)*
Spookyfeather.gifYou acquire an item: frightful feather (9.9% chance)*
Dtape.gifYou acquire an item: duct tape (4.0% chance)*
You gain 43 <substat>.

Occurs at The Family Plot and McMillicancuddy's Farm (Post-War).



  • The "gorillas" hit message is a reference to the 1988 movie Gorillas in the Mist.
  • A different vampire duck may be alluding to Count Duckula.
  • The fumble message could refer to the comic strip Lucky Ducky, in which the title character encounters a series of obstacles, but overcomes them, and at the end of each strip he delivers his catchphrase "Gotcha!"