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VYKEA instructions
VYKEA instructions

This is a thin paper booklet which purports to teach you how to assemble a piece of VYKEA furniture.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 111 Meat.

(In-game plural: sets of VYKEA instructions)
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Item number: 8730
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Obtained From

VYKEA viking (male)
VYKEA viking (female)

When Used

Without 5 VYKEA planks, 5 VYKEA rails, and 5 VYKEA brackets:

It looks like these instructions require at least 5 planks, 5 rails, and 5 brackets.

With the planks, rails and brackets, but without a VYKEA hex key:

You've got all the parts you need, but you'll need one of those weird hex keys if you want to actually assemble them.


Leads to Some Assembly Required. Upon completion, you gain one of six different VYKEA Companions.

Subsequent uses in a day:

You don't want to make your existing piece of furniture jealous. It might turn on you. (For what it's worth, it'll probably be broken by tomorrow. And it'll probably turn on you anyway.)


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