VYKEA Dishrack

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Confirmation of formulas
Name, the level X dishrack


The VYKEA dishrack is a VYKEA Companion which can accompany the adventurer in combat. VYKEA furniture do not level up and last only one day.



  • Does 10*Y + 1-10 Stench Damage where Y is the level of the bookshelf.
  • Gives Y + 2 Muscle substats where Y is the level of the bookshelf.

Combat Messages

During combat

  • <Name> cracks your foe in the shin, and catches her face in a bowl of old maybe-oatmeal when she falls over. This results in a total of X damage.
  • <Name> sneezes, showering your opponent with ancient coffee and mold. He seem dismayed to the tune of X damage.
  • <Name> spits a sludge-encrusted plate at your opponent, causing X damage as it whizzes past his nose.

After combat

  • The wind changes, and you get an unhealthy dose of <Name>'s stink. Your fight-or-flight response is triggered, and your whole body fills up with adrenaline.
  • You accidentally smell <Name>'s contents, and the resulting clenching of every single muscle in your body is a pretty good workout.
  • You get a whiff of the unholy stink coming off of <Name>. It doesn't kill you, and therefore it makes you stronger.