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I agree (we all do) that having to update the moon phase every day is a pain in the ass. But the approach your taking will take sooo many template it's crazy, especially since I can determine the phase in a 4 line php script ;-). Actually I'm gonna post in in the main page talk page and post messages for wiki goddess Jinya and wiki webmonkey Thraeryn to see if they can embedd in in the wiki page somehow. --JRSiebz 20:56, 31 Aug 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Yep, math by template is painful. The indexes starting at 1 is also a headach that I'm not overly fond of thinking about. If one is to php script it (a good thing) then one should also add in the KoL day and the appropriate link to the holiday. But manual updates is just so much a kluge that anything else is elegant in comparison. --Shagie 21:03, 31 Aug 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Just for the future, you can force a page to use a newly uploaded image via which will refresh the cached page without making a trivial edit and reverting it ;-) --JRSiebz 00:07, 29 Sep 2005 (MDT)

  • <3 <3 <3! Thank you so much for the farticle! It'll debut tomorrow. --Alpaca 21:04, 21 November 2005 (Central Standard Time)