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Hi. Yes, the particular links that I was fixing were to Hagnk's. Since we no longer have separate pages for each different name for Hagnk's, just redirects to the main Hagnk's page, I was fixing all the pages that linked to one of Hagnk's other names -- e.g., pages that linked to Hagnk's Mostly-Burned-Down-Then-Hit-By-a-Comet Ancestral Mini-Storage -- so they'd still show the same name as before but link directly to Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage. The only reason I was editing people's user pages is because some user pages had links to one of the other Hagnk's names; normally I'd leave other people's user pages alone, but I wasn't changing the visible content, just the behind-the-scenes stuff. -- Old Ned 01:41, 13 June 2006 (CDT)