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When making edits, instead of saving the page a bunch of times adding unneeded entries into a page's history, please use the 'show preview' button (which is next to 'save page') to preview your changes (so you can make corrections) before you commit the page. There is no reason to save a page 7 straight times, astronaut ice-cream. Thanks. --JRSiebz (|§|) 16:10, 22 May 2006 (CDT)

New Shield?

  • If you mean the white satin shield then there it is. Or you might mean the new meat smithing item which is the raspberry beret. As a side note, look around at the new pages in recent changes before posting random needs content templates.--SomeStranger (T | C) 22:14, 30 May 2006 (CDT)
    • Take that back, apparently there is a new shield. Be patient, when it is found it will be posted.Insert non-formatted text here
      • It's been posted. :) --Quietust 22:19, 30 May 2006 (CDT)\


I remember changing marzipan skulls, but what are you talking about? (sorry, refresh my mind)--Kookoo275 23:56, 9 June 2006 (CDT) Yeah, it's plus 20 mp... I tried it out and the discusion says so too. Maybe we need to do some testing, but I'm pretty sure it's plus.--Kookoo275 00:27, 10 June 2006 (CDT)