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Zeryl's Ascension History

(Courtesy of Datavortex)

# Date Level Class Sign Adventures Days Type Path Skill Taken Familiar
1 11/16/2006 14 Disco Bandit (none) 1829 10 Normal No Path Mad Looting Skillz Npzr.gifNinja Pirate Zombie Robot
2 11/25/2006 13 Accordion Thief The Wombat 1756 12 Softcore Boozetafarian The Moxious Madrigal Npzr.gifNinja Pirate Zombie Robot
3 12/07/2006 11 Disco Bandit The Packrat 1008 5 Softcore Teetotaler/Dropped Powers of Observatiogn Familiar12.gifBlood-Faced Volleyball
4 12/11/2006 11 Seal Clubber The Vole 897 4 Softcore Teetotaler/Dropped Thrust-Smack Familiar12.gifBlood-Faced Volleyball
5 12/14/2006 12 Seal Clubber The Mongoose 890 5 Softcore Teetotaler/Dropped Double-Fisted Skull Smashing Familiar12.gifBlood-Faced Volleyball
6 12/17/2006 11 Turtle Tamer The Opossum 898 4 Softcore Teetotaler/Dropped Amphibian Sympathy Familiar12.gifBlood-Faced Volleyball
7 12/21/2006 12 Pastamancer The Opossum 1258 9 Softcore Teetotaler/Dropped Leash of Linguini Animskel.gifMisshapen Animal Skeleton
8 12/29/2006 15 Seal Clubber The Opossum 1851 13 Softcore Teetotaler/Dropped Pulverize Animskel.gifMisshapen Animal Skeleton
9 1/9/2007 current Disco Bandit The Opossum current current Softcore Teetotaler/Dropped current current


(Courtesy of Quietusts)

Lvl Seal Clubber Turtle Tamer Pastamancer Sauceror Disco Bandit Accordion Thief
0 Frenzy Patience Meditation Contemplation Aerobics Mariachi
1 Otter Hide Headbutt Minor Ray Stream Eye-Poke (P) Madrigal
2 Otter Claws Leatherback Entangling Saucy Salve Preservation Mojomuscular
3 Otter Tongue (P) Sympathy Bandages Panhandling Disco Nap Celerity
4 (P) TS Ghostly eXtreme Ray Elemental Doom Arrowsmith
5 Meatsmithing Armorcraftiness Pastamastery Saucecrafting Cocktailcrafting Plenty
6 Stoat Tenacity Fusilli Saucestorm Nimble Fingers Destruction
7 Walrus Hide Kneebutt Rigatoni Jalapeño Boogaloo Phat Loot
8 Walrus Claws Empathy Cone Wave (P) Looting Absorption
9 Walrus Tongue Fortitude Ravioli Spiciness Power Nap Pointiness
10 LTS Shieldbutt Pastalord Habanero Face Stab Superiority
11 Reindeer Wisdom (P) Leash Saucegeyser Crossbow Aptitude
12 (P) Dual-Wield Astral Cocoon Sauciness Dual-Use Ode
13 Cold Spooky Hot Stench Sleaze Sneakiness
14 Musk Half-Shell Flavour Seasoning Smooth Confrontation
15 (P) Pulverize Tao Noodlecraft Way Superhuman Annoyance
Q Snarl Snapper Fettucini Scarysauce Tango Dreadfulness
* Torso Awaregness, Gnomish Hardigness, Cosmic Ugnderstanding, (P) Powers of Observatiogn, Gnefarious Pickpocketing
CLEESH, Chronic Indigestion