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WARNING: The "Standard" designations are in process of being updated for 2018 (and past-due updates for 2017). If you're equipping yourself for standard runs, double-check the legality of any items before buying. I'm working on this, but it's likely to take a while.

(This is a work in progress. No idea when it will be finished. Kmail commets and suggestions to Xande1, or just edit this page.)

This is a list of equipment useful for budget softcore (or "budgetcore"). It was inspired by Jersey Tomato's Budgetcore Equipment Guide, which was very helpful to me starting out, but is now pretty out of date. But go give it a gander if you're not playing a Standard path, as it's still somewhat relevant, and you may find the different take useful.

The aim has been to keep the stuff on this page very affordable, but as definitions of budgetcore vary widely, the only hard cap is that Mr. Items (or items with similar mall prices to Mr. Items) are off-limits. I think the most expensive suggestion is around 2.5 million meat, but every slot has suggestions for a few hundred or a few thousand meat for those who are seriously strapped. There are mall price estimates on some items, but they're likely out of date 5 minutes after I put them in. They're just there to save extra clicking for people who want an order of magnitude. The only way to be sure is to search the mall or visit the item's marketplace page.

Miscellaneous Softcore Prep

  • Do the quest for a facsimile dictionary in aftercore. The dictionary autosells for 21,337 meat, so if you need meat in a run, it's much better to pull and autosell a facsimile dictionary than waste pulls on taking meat directly, since they cost 1 pull/1,000 meat. (Advanced ascenders won't use pulls to generate meat in a run, but in early runs, and for casual/quality-of-life-focused players, handling your meat needs for the entire run is well worth a pull.)
    • Similarly, 1,970 carat gold autosells for 19,700, but is tradable (but not Standard). Buying it in the mall is a loss (since min mall price is 39,400), but if you need meat mid-run and didn't prep a dictionary, it's an option. You can also farm these yourself very effectively with one-day ticket to That 70s Volcano. A single day's mining should provide enough gold for all the runs you'll care to do. Be sure to bank turns the day before, and consume a good diet, as optimal mining can be quite profitable. Be sure not to autosell the gold if you're gathering them to pull in softcore! (If you go that route, make 3 pieces of unsmoothed velvet gear, and fight Travoltron (which only takes 1 turn) while you're there, for his ranged moxie weapon (or make 6 pieces and get the free Volcoino. Optionally, budget an additional ~56 adventures so you can fight Mr. Cheeng in the LavaCo Lamp factory for Mr. Cheeng's spectacles. Even more optionally, budget another 51 turns for the SMOOCH HQ to fight either Pener Crisp for Pener's drumstick or Raul Stamey for love.)
  • Also get any no-trade items you may want that you have to obtain yourself via content unlocker.

Items are divided into 3 categories:

  • Perpetual are items that are available in non-time limited content, so they will remain in standard forever (barring a game revamp that removes their source from game, in which case they'll go out of standard at the beginning of the 3rd calendar year after the revamp).
  • Standard denotes items that are currently still usable in Standard (aka Type 69). This means Standard Softcore runs, and the current season challenge path Softcore. See Standard restrictions.
  • Non-Standard denotes items that have fallen out of Standard. They cannot be used in Standard Softcore, or in Softcore on the current season challenge path. However, they can be used when playing Unrestricted, or any older challenge path, or when in any type of aftercore and some of these are real softcore/aftercore gems. As such, they are kept in the document.

Equipment List


Muscle Weapons

  • Perpetual:
    • gnawed-up dog bone - (~100k) 20 Mus requirement. +5 familiar weight & +1 familiar experience, and is a 1-handed club, in case you're a Seal Clubber. If you have olfaction, you can farm it yourself. Familiar weight is always useful, the + familiar experience is a nice bonus, and you can dual-wield them.
    • velcro broadsword - (~6k) 85 Mus requirement. Not a great weapon, but a solid one for aftercore or late in a run if you can't find anything better. 6-12 MP regen, +5% muscle, +20% hat/pants drop.
    • non-stick pugil stick - (~7k) 85 Mus requirement. Again, not great, but a decent aftercore item on a budget. Was a much bigger deal back when Seal Clubbers needed 2-handed clubs for guaranteed hits with smacks. Now the 2-handedness is a major drawback. +10% muscle & weapon damage, and stuns on criticals.
  • Standard:
  • Non-Standard:
    • Pener's drumstick - (no trade; from that 70s Volcano, requires a day pass and 50 turns to farm; can't farm the same day as love) 35 Mus requirement. +20% initiative, 20 hot damage, +5% critical, and sets opponents on fire. Very nice combat boni, and modest requirements.
    • clock-cleaning hammer - (~4k) 0 requirements, the +20 weapon damage means this easily chews through monsters for the first 3/4 of an ascension.
    • blunt icepick / hammerus - (~4k) 0 requirements, +15 elemental damage weapons. Less raw damage than the above, but sometimes you need elemental damage.
    • Bonestabber - (~40k) 0 requirements, and not too shabby. Spooky resist helps with A-Boo peak, spooky damage kills things faster, and +5ML means faster leveling. Also, is a sword, so benefits from Skeletal scabbard if you need more damage. If you're a Seal Clubber and have access to Iron Palms, can be used as a club (but doing so negates the scabbard effect).
    • Smithsness Gear - (~3k each) Meat Tenderizer is Murder (SC only). 0 requirements, decent enchantments, although much, much better with flaskfulls of hollow, which you probably won't bother to pull if you don't have a Smithsness Tome. (And if you do, why are you reading this?) Work is a Four Letter Sword (any class) - HP regen, +crits, + damage. A good all-around sword (which also benefits from the Skeletal scabbard).
    • Sword of Dark Omens - (non-tradeable, see end of document) 0 requirements. +3 prismatic damage & +50% spell damage, so it works for muscle and mysticality classes. (Also a sword, so it benefits from the Skeletal scabbard.)
    • club of the five seasons - (~15k) 60 muscle requirement. A one-handed club, and the prismatic damage makes it good against ghosts, while being generally solid against everything else due to the bonus damage. Not much else going for it if you don't need the extra damage, though.

Mysticality Weapons

  • Perpetual:
    • Chefstaves - (non-tradable, must be prepped in advance; requires either Spirit of Rigatoni skill or special sauce glove accessory to equip) requires 15-125 Myst. Generally very powerful for casters, with high +% spell damage, MP regen, and a jiggle action of varying utility. See Rodoric, the Staffcrafter for details of what's available and how to make them.
    • teflon spatula - (~8k) requires 85 Myst. The big deal here is the +40 spell damage, whereas the sleaze resist and +10% Myst are just gravy. By the time you can equip this, chefstaves (with lower requirements) are usually a better option, but this does have the advantage of being buyable in the mall, unlike the no-trade chefstaves, and doesn't require a skill or a 2nd slot to equip.
  • Standard:
  • Non-Standard:
    • electric crutch - (~700) +20 spell damage. Better early in the run than the % bonus from chefstaves, and no equip requirements at all (stat or otherwise).
    • Smithsness Gear - (~3k each) Hand that Rocks the Ladle (P only) - turns Utensil Twist (which only costs 1MP) from a curiosity into a very effective killer for the first half of a run. Saucepanic (S only) - +2 Mysticality experience per fight, and Soulsauce bonus. The experience bonus is incredible; not to be underestimated. Staff of the Headmaster's Victuals (any class) no stat requirements, but is a Chefstaff, so see above for caveats.
    • Sword of Dark Omens - (non-tradeable, see end of document) 0 requirements. +3 prismatic damage & +50% spell damage, so it works for both muscle and mysticality classes.
    • warbear oil pan - (~2k) (S only) 0 requirements, +10 Hot and Sleaze spell damage, and lets you sling hot grease, which is a 0MP hot + sleaze saucestorm. The XP bonus from Saucepanic beats this, but if you're having trouble getting MP for combat, this will allow you to kill for 0MP (or gain MP easily when combined with Curse of Weaksauce).

Moxie Weapons

(Accordion Thieves' skills depend on having an accordion equipped. Mostly these can be obtained during a run with the Steal Accordion skill. There are no great ones to pull for standard currently, so AT's will mostly have to make due with what they find. (But for Unlimited Shakespeare's Sister's Accordion is pretty amazing (see below).))

  • Perpetual:
    • clockwork crossbow - (~40k) requires 25 Mox. 1-handed (a big deal for moxie weapons, as few good ones are), +10 ranged damage, +7% chance of crit, delevels enemy on crit. A really solid moxie weapon with a really modest equip requirement, and will never go out of standard. Everyone should have one of these available to pull.
    • curdflinger - (~200 meat) requires 7 Mox. 1-handed, +3 Moxie, delevels on hit. Nothing to write home about, but it's super cheap, you can equip it a dozen turns into the run, it's one-handed, and it gets the job done.
    • 7-inch discus - (~100k) Requires 85 Mox. 1-handed, 200 power, +5% moxie, +10% weapon damage, and the big draw: gives a 3-turn +50% stats buff on critical hits. Can't be equipped until late in a run (or aftercore) due to the stat requirement, but an amazing moxie-class weapon when you can wield it. I frequently use one even on my account with several years' worth of IotMs.
  • Standard:
  • Non-Standard:
    • glow-in-the-dark dart gun - (~80k) Such a shame this isn't usable in T69. 0 requirements, a variable (moon-based), but usually very good, bonus to Moxie, damage, and an added bonus to hit (above the bonus Moxie), and 1-handed. An extremely powerful Moxie weapon for SC any time you can use it.
    • super-sweet boom box - (5,000 Game Grid ticket, at ~500 meat each, so ~2.5 million meat) requires 75 Mox. A very expensive, but very, very nice ranged weapon. +20% to all stats, big hp and mp regen, and allows an additional AT buff. The moxie requirement means it's only available late in an ascension, but it's amazing for aftercore.
    • Smithsness Gear - (~3k each) Frankly Mr. Shank (DB only) - improves deleveling skills (Important: if you don't have the Tricky Knifework skill, this weapon will be based off your Muscle, not your Moxie, and therefore may not be effective for you). Shakespeare's Sister's Accordion (AT only) - gives -1MP to use skills, 15 turn song duration, and Cadenza recovers HP and MP, and does cold damge. Also enables all the AT things that require an accordion. One of the best no requirement AT accordions, period, even without other sources of smithsness. Sheila Take a Crossbow (any class) - HP & MP regen, and a little bit of initiative.
    • rainbow crossbow - (~12k) requires 60 Mox. 1-handed, +5 damage of each element. This is basically the moxie version of the club of the five seasons. Very good for damage (which is a weapon's primary purpose), but that's about it.
    • Mercenary pistol - (~450k meat) requires 10 Mox. 1-handed, +10 to all stats, and eliminates fumbles (which can be a fairly big deal for Moxie classes, since their high moxie means they take almost as much damage from fumbles as they do from monster hits). Can be dual-wielded if you have 2 for double the awesome. The high price tag is because they let you use the clips from a Specialty ammo bandolier to pull off some otherwise difficult/impossible kills in aftercore, but its still a great weapon in run. If you can't otherwise kill a boss, using ammo in combat with the pistol equipped should solve your problems. (But if you do that, pull a bandolier and disassemble it, since its more pull-efficient than pulling the ammo directly, unless you need a specific rare clip.)
    • Mercenary rifle - (~150k meat) requires 30 Mox. 2-handed, +20 damage, +50% initiative. Not quite as desirable as the pistol (mostly because of the way ammo works with it, and it being 2-handed), but much cheaper in mall, and still very solid. Same ammo comments apply (but this one isn't used for special aftercore kills, due to being 1 hit, instead of the 3 from the pistol).
    • Grease cannon - (no trade, requires One-day ticket to That 70s Volcano, 3 pieces of smooth velvet gear (made from unsmoothed velvet), and that you beat Travoltron, so ~200k meat, plus whatever combat help you need to win; you can mine for 1,970 carat gold on the same day you fight him, giving more bang out of the day pass) requires 35 Mox. 1-handed, +20 hot & sleaze. The huge elemental damage on this thing means it will chew through pretty much anything you can hit, and it's one-handed, allowing you to put a shield or other sort of stat bonus in your offhand. The downside is that it doesn't make hitting any easier, but for damage, it's top notch.
    • love - (no trade; from that 70s Volcano, requires a day pass and 50 turns to farm; can't farm the same day as Pener's drumstick) 35 Mus requirement. 1-handed. +5 familiar weight, 8-16 HP & MP regen, and +50% pants drops. Familiar weight is always helpful for speed, the regen is huge for quality of life, and the pants drop is just gravy. The only downside is no damage or hit bonus, but you can cover those with all the free MP you're getting.


If you have Double-Fisted Skull Smashing and thus can dual-wield weapons, a second weapon is likely (but not guaranteed) to be the best choice.

  • Perpetual:
    • padded tortoise - (~150 meat) requires 35 Mus. Gives HP regen, and is ultra-cheap.
    • spiky turtle shield - (~3.5k) requires 50 Mus. +8 weapon damage, and +10% item drop. One of the few cheap +item drop offhands in standard.
    • battered hubcap - (~4k) requires 65 Mus. +2 resist all, Mus +15, MaxHP +100. A really good piece of resist gear, the muscle and HP bonus are just gravy. Not usable until pretty late, but will really help with A-Boo peak tests, tower resist tests, etc.
    • vinyl shield - (~25k) requires 85 Mus. +25 ML, DR 24, +10% Mox. The huge ML is the draw here. Sadly, by the time you can equip it, you're close to being done leveling. Still, a really solid shield, and there aren't a lot of those.
  • Standard:
  • Non-Standard:
    • Shield of Icy Fate - (see end of document) 0 requirements, part of Raiments of the Final Boss. +1 resist all & +25% weapon damage makes this a solid choice.
    • Ouija Board, Ouija Board - (~3k) (TT only) This is a smithsness item. +5 Familiar weight is the big attraction here. If you're a TT, this is probably what you should have in your offhand all ascension long.
    • A Light that Never Goes Out - (~3k) This is a smithsness item. The big attraction is the +item drop. It's only 5% by itself, but goes up the more smithsness items you have equipped.
    • Half a Purse - (~3k) This is a smithsness item. Ditto the above, but it provides meat drop, and the % bonus is twice as large.


  • Perpetual:
    • nurse's hat - (~2.5k) requires 85 Mox. +300 HP, 30-60 HP regen, 10-15 MP regen. The requirement means you won't be wearing this until late in a run, but if you need a boost at the end (or a hat in aftercore), this is an amazing one, and super cheap.
    • spiky turtle helmet - (~2.5k) requires 50 Mox. +8 weapon damage, +8 Monster Level. Not nearly as good as the nurse's hat, but can be equipped much sooner. The +ML helps a bit with leveling, and the damage makes killing stuff with that ML easier.
  • Standard:
    • noir fedora - (~100k) requires 100 Moxie. +20% moxie gains, +20% moxie, regen HP & MP. The stat requirements mean it's mostly an aftercore/very end-of-the-run thing, but the enchantment is amazing for moxie classes.
    • gingerbread mask - (~3k) requires 10 Moxie, +25% hat/pants drops. Not great, but low requirements, decent power, and helps you get outfit pieces to drop.
  • Non-Standard:
    • Xiblaxian stealth cowl - (no-trade; see end of document) 0 requirements. +20% Mysticality, -combat. Noncombat modifiers are almost always useful, making these a great pull if you have them.
    • double-ice cap - (made from 5 shards of double-ice; ~500 meat) requires 20 Mox. +Cold damage, good MP regen, and stuns opponents who hit you.
    • Helm of the Scream Emperor - 0 requirements, +2 substats/combat and a little MP regen.
    • Hairpiece On Fire - (~3k) 0 requirements, cold res, +max MP, and +rollover advenutres. It can be worth pulling for the last enchantment alone, unless you've cut your daycount by a good bit.
    • Warbear crimbo hats (3) (see Crimbo 2013)
    • warbear foil hat - (~10k) (TT only) 0 requirements, +5 familiar weight (+10 to robotic familiars). Probably the best no requirements hat for TTs in Unrestricted SC, since +familiar weight is so useful.


  • Perpetual:
    • square sponge pants - (~8k) requires 85 Moxie. +10% Moxie, regen 10-15 HP & MP, DA +30 (in addition to the 200 power). Again, the stat requirement means you won't be wearing these until the end of your run or in aftercore, but for those situations, they're mighty fancy pants.
  • Standard:
  • Non-T69:
    • Xiblaxian stealth trousers (no-trade; see end of document) 0 requirements. +20% Moxie, -combat. Noncombat modifiers are almost always useful, so these pants are always a solid pull.
    • cane-mail pants - (~25k) 0 requirements. +10% to all stats, 1-4 HP & MP regen, +3 PvP fights. Really solid turn-0 pants.
    • Greaves of the Murk Lord - 0 requirements. A little HP regen, which is meh, but also +5 familiar weight, which is great.
    • Warbear pants (3)


This is a pretty marginal slot. There's not usually much reason to pull something (other than an IotM) for this slot, as few back items pack much punch.

  • Perpetual:
  • Standard:
  • Non-Standard:
    • rubber cape - (~144k, or use 11 rubber nubbin) Requires 85 Myst. +2 resist all elements, +10 damage resistance. The stat requirement makes this a late run or aftercore item, but if you need resistance (A-Boo Peak, Sorceress's lair) or DR, it's a great item, and doesn't compete with much else.
    • Cloak of Dire Shadows - 0 requirements. +40 max MP, +10% meat drop. A marginal item for a marginal slot. Probably not worth a pull unless you're going for the full outfit bonus from wearing the Raiments of the Final Boss.


only if you have Torso Awaregness

  • Perpetual:
    • turtlemail hauberk - (200 meat) requires 25 Mus. good DA, and very good HP regen, especially for the low requirements. If you're a TT you might be able to make one in-run depending on how long you spend in the relevant zones.
    • snailmail hauberk - (~13k) requires 67 Mus. Excellent DA, and incredible HP and MP regen. If not for the muscle requirement, this would be a top-tier budget pull. Even with the requirement, it's still pretty great, but you're going to have to wait a little while to wear it.
    • sea salt scrubs - (~15k) requires 85 Mus. 200 power, max HP & MP +400, Myst +15%. Again, the requirements make this an end-of-run or aftercore item, but it's a fantastic one that increases survivability and quality of life a lot.
    • hipposkin poncho - (~1k) requires 45 Mus. +10 ML. Allows for slightly faster leveling, but a pretty marginal item.
    • shark jumper - (~9k) requires 85 Mus. 200 power, +3 resist all elements, 20-40 HP regen. For most purposes, the sea salt scrubs outshine this at the same equip requirements, but if you specifically need resistance to overcome some test, this is your shirt.
    • General Sage's Lonely Diamonds Club Jacket - (~300 meat) requires 50 Mus. +3 rollover adventures. Super cheap rollover gear, if you can spare a pull for them.
  • Standard:
    • trench coat - (~75k) requires 100 Muscle. +20% to Muscle gains, +20% Muscle, +4 Spooky resist. Sadly, the stat requirements make this only usable very late in a run or in aftercore, but for those times, it's amazingly amazing for Muscle classes.
  • Non-T69:
    • Xiblaxian stealth vest - (see end of document) 0 requirements. Now this is more like it, +20% muscle, and -combat. Since -combat is always valuable, this is a solid pull if you can get one, and wearable from turn 1.
    • Ultracolor™ shirt - (~3k) requires 35 Mus. Gives a large prismatic damage boost based on your number of buffs. (And remember that you can use /timer(s) for 10 free buffs, which is a lot of damage.)
    • cane-mail shirt - (~50k) 0 requirements. What's not to love about +20 ML? If you're in a non-standard path, the only reason to not wear this is if you can't handle the extra ML.
    • blessed rustproof +2 gray dragon scale mail - (~50k) 0 requirements. Excellent HP/MP regen and resists for when you don't need or can't handle the +ML from the cane-mail shirt.
    • sugar shirt - 0 requirements. (Made from 1 sugar sheet.) Gives an experience bonus, but breaks after 30 combats. (If you use it for 29 combats, and then don't wear it again until you ascend, the breakage counter will reset.)


  • Perpetual:
    • Numberwang - (multi-use 169 dubious peppermint; the peppermints are 6k each, so ~1million meat; they can also be farmed at Halloween trick-or-treating by wearing the no-trade Wumpus-Hair Wardrobe) requires 35 Mys. +5 PvP fights & rollover adventures, +11 ML, +23% initiative, +37 max HP/MP, 6-9 HP/MP regen. A two-fer: it's both rollover gear, and adventuring gear, providing near-best-in-slot rollover adventures (and PvP fights), while also providing both speed (ML, initiative) and quality-of-life (max HP/MP, HP/MP regen) adventuring boni. Pricy, but totally worth it.
    • duonoculars - requires 17 Mys. (~2k meat) -combat, and +5 ML, at a lower stat requirement than the ring of conflict. These days, you should pull these before the ring of conflict, as they're better in every way.
    • ring of conflict, monster bait - reducing combats is more often useful than increasing them, so the ring is better than the monster bait, but you should have both available.
    • Baron von Ratsworth's monocle - requires 10 Mys. +10% item. Nothing to write home about, but +item is always handy, so it's a good way to fill an empty accessory slot (although I suggest the holo-wrist-puter for unlimited; see below).
    • C.A.R.N.I.V.O.R.E. button - requires 10 Mys. +15 ML speeds leveling (if you can handle it), and helps for the quests where +ML makes them faster--Cyrpt and Oil peak).
    • dark porquoise ring - requires 47 Mox. (~12k) +15 Moxie, and doubles all delevling. A huge combat help for DBs, anyone using weaksauce, or any other deleveling-based combat strategy. (Syngergizes very nicely with Pantsgiving if you're lucky enough to have a pair.)
  • Standard:
  • Non-Standard:
    • Mr. Cheeng's spectacles - (no trade; obtained from a boss in That 70s Volcano, so can be farmed along with the grease cannon and 1,970 carat gold) requires 35 Myst. The +15% item is very hard to beat outside of Mr. Store stuff, and the "find stuff" enchantment gives a random potion every few combats. While very luck dependent, the dropped potions can be very powerful and ascension relevant. The +30% spell damage, and +10% spell crit are nice if you're a myst class, but the glasses are still worth wearing even if you're not.
    • Xiblaxian holo-wrist-puter - 0 requirements. Same item drop bonus (+10%) as the Baron's monocle, but no "only one at a time" restriction, and you get Xiblaxian materials randomly at the end of combats. If you have a 5D printer with schematics installed, you might manage to make some space whiskey or ultraburritos in run to consume (at the cost of pulling the printer). Even if you don't have the schematics to use them, they can be sold in mall for a bit of extra income.
    • glow-in-the-dark necklace (100 meat) - requires 10 Mys. +10% Mys, +10 spell damage, regenerate 2-10 MP/adventure. Some of the cheapest MP regen available in an accessory (and a good chunk of it), and low requirements. The bonus spell damage and myst are just gravy.
    • Fossilized necklace (obtained via fax, so only if you have a VIP invitation) - no requirements. When maxed: +10 all stats, +10 spell damage, +15 weapon damage, all stats +15%, +15 hot damage, +15 spooky damage. Not much to help speed here, but the huge (Mr. Item-level) stat and damage buffs should make combat trivial.
    • warbear warscarf - (see end of document) requires 10 Mys. +2 resist all, and 10-15 regen HP & MP. The massive regen means you will almost always be full on HP & MP. The resist will help you meet resist tests throughout the run, so this is also a speed pull. Requires 9 warbear accoutrements chunk to make (currently ~360k meat), but absolutely worth it.
    • Warbear hp/mp, init accessory
    • Warbear damage accessory
    • Boots of Twilight Whispers (see end of document)
    • Gauntlets of the Blood Moon
    • Belt of Howling Anger
    • skeletal scabbard (13k) - 0 requirements. Doubles damage dealt by swords. This doubles final damage of the sword (after bonus weapon damage, elemental damage, etc. have all been added in), so this can give a huge boost to damage output for a sword wielder. (Note that the enchantment doesn't work if you're using the iron palms intrinsic.)
    • skeleton skis (700 meat) - 0 requirements. +initiative, cold & spooky damage.
    • warbear laser beacon - (DB only) 0 requirements, passive, prismatic damage, that increases if you build disco momentum. With a few skills, makes combat trivial. Watch out for the damage killing enemies when you need to stasis, though.
    • perfume-soaked bandana (100 meat) - requires 15 Mys. +2 reisst all and an additional +2 stench resist. Helps with resist tests (and handles the Twin Peak stench test by itself) much more cheaply than the warscarf.

Familiar Equipment

  • Perpetual:
    • lead necklace - +3 familiar weight. Not nearly as good as familiar-specific gear or a hookah (both of which are +5), but is generic and Standard-compatible, so it's a solid pull if you're doing lots of familiar switching and don't have a better option.
    • familiar-specific equipment - if you're doing a 100% run, just pull the equipment for whatever your 100% familiar is, since it's usually +5 instead of the +3 for the lead necklace.
    • annoying pitchfork - +5 ML. If you're mostly running a volley/sombrero, this will give more stats than the lead necklace or +5 weight equipment, but won't help your fairy with item drops.
  • Standard:
  • Non-Standard:
    • filthy child leash - (~150 meat) +5 familiar weight to any familiar and passive stench damage (10-12 every round). Strictly better than the lead necklace and almost all familiar-specific gear this is a no-brain pull. (Unless you've taken an astral pet sweater.) Just don't forget to remove it if you need to stasis (e.g. the gremlins). (Thanks PeKaJe for the catch!)
    • ittah bittah hookah - +5 weight to any familiar, and random buffs. Was a no-brain pull before Standard was a thing, and if you're not in standard, you should get one and pull it. The benefit of this over the filthy child leash is marginal, though, and it's much harder to obtain. (The components can't be put in the mall, but they can be traded, so try the /trade channel.)
    • sugar shield (made from a sugar sheet, which is ~1.5k) +10 familiar weight, but breaks after 30 combats. You can use it for 29 combats, and the counter will reset on ascension.

Combat Items

Since combat items always hit, in softcore and aftercore one of the most basic combat suites (because it only requires 1 perm) is Ambidextrous Funkslinging, a pair of re-usable combat items, and a way to survive the combat (via stunning, staggering, or having DA, DR, and/or resistance high enough to take very little damage). Here are some great re-usable combat items to use with this strategy:

  • Perpetual:
    • Drunkula's bell - unlikely for budgetcore types to have, but it's the only perpetual one I can think of. Damaging you is a downside, but not crippling.
  • Standard:
    • porquoise-handled sixgun - (use 11 gun parts for a custom sixgun, then combine with a porquoise for this; total cost ~15k) Does 35 physical damage, and restores ~25 MP; only usable once per combat, but infinitely reusable otherwise. Won't solve your combat problems all by itself, but a palpable hit, and should solve your MP regen problems. (baconstone-handled sixgun is another option which restores ~25 HP, but HP is generally far less valuable per point than MP. in a similar vein, hamethyst-handled sixgun restores ~12 HP & MP. The guns are mutually exclusive, using one locks out all the others for the rest of combat. 95+% of the time, you're going to want the porquoise, but the others are there if you have some unusual need.)
  • Non-Standard:
    • tin snips - (multi-use 2 fancy tin beer can at 12k each for a cost of ~24k, or mallbuy directly for ~55k (obviously, only do this if it's become cheaper than the 2 cans)) Does physical damage, plus bleeding damage every round after they're used. The more you use them, the bigger the bleeding damage gets. The damage gets big quickly if you keep funkslinging them, so you can take down almost anything not physical immune as long as you can survive. (Funkslinging 2 every round will do avg. 108 damage by the end of round 3, avg. 270 damage over 5 rounds, and avg. 504 damage over 7 rounds, if you can live that long.) Great for aftercore, as they can allow you to win a combat where you can't hit a very high hp monster (usually due to poor planning) without burning tons of resources.
    • Miniborg Destroy-O-Bot - (~120k each) arguably even better than the tin snips during a run, where monster total hp is lower, but monsters are more varied. Does physical damage, hot damage, and delevels, but lacks the increasing passive damage of the snips. Still, works on physical resistant monsters (like ghosts) due to the hot damage, and the deleveling may allow you to switch to regular attacks and/or avoid getting hit in later rounds.

Miscellaneous Items

These are items that aren't equipment, but nonetheless can help out a run or be valuable in aftercore.

  • Perpetual:
  • Standard:
    • mime army shotglass - (no trade; obtained by using a warehouse key; ~400k as of this writing) makes your first size-1 booze of the day not count for drunkenness. Depending on your available booze sources, that can be an extra 3-6 adventures per day. Whether that's worth a pull or not depends on your daycount.
    • mime army challenge coin (no trade; obtained by using a warehouse key) 50/50 chance of gaining or losing 30 adventures when used; you must have at least 30 adventures remaining to use it. This is very niche, but important enough that it was worth mentioning. If you're on your last day, and not going to have quite enough turns to defeat the NS, pulling and using this might give you enough to finish today. It might also take most of your remaining turns, leaving you with plenty to do tomorrow. Still, if you don't have enough turns to finish today, but almost do, it's worth a shot.
    • Clara's bell (no trade; obtained via an inflatable LT&T telegraph office, may have to use several to get the right quest) - usable once/day; forces your next adventure to be a NC if possible. Decent enough as is, but also lends itself to some degenerate strategies for turn-saving (e.g., drink 3 cursed punch, use the bell, and then do your first adventure in the hidden apartment building, it will be the NC, and you can choose to fight the protector spectre right away, thus skipping the entire zone)
  • Non-Standard:


I've seen enough new players missing important familiars, that I felt I needed to include a list. You can farm your own, but it may be easier to just buy the hatchlings from the mall, as all (except the slimeling and gelatinous cube) are cheap. Click through to the familiar page to find the hatchling name, and how to obtain it.

  • Perpetual:
    • Baby Gravy Fairy - item drops (improved options are: the elemental faries, Slimeling, Grouper Groupie, and Gelatinous Cubeling, all of which do other things in addition to boosting item drops at least as well as a baby gravy fairy)
    • Slimeling - mentioned above under item drops, but so nice, I felt it needed to be mentioned again. Arguably the best non-Mr. Store familiar in game. The full wiki page makes it sound more complicated than it is, really. Improves item drops like a fairy (automatically), has a special mechanic to give an additional bonus to equipment drops (automatically), and if you feed it equipment you don't otherwise need, it works like an improved star starfish (attacks enemies and restores your MP). Non-tradable, but it's usually pretty easy to get one by asking around in the trade channel in game, or asking help from clannies. Going rate is usually around 1-1.5 million meat.
    • Blood-Faced Volleyball - stat gains
    • Hovering Sombrero - stat gains; better than volleyball at higher monster level (see Sombrero vs. Volleyball)
    • Leprechaun - meat drops (Boss Bat's Lair, Filthworm Hive, Nuns Quest, etc.)
    • Cocoabo - ignored by speed ascenders, but it randomly restores HP, MP, delevels opponents, attacks, and drops meat. Which makes it a great newbie familiar during the early ascensions when quality of life is more important than speed.
    • Levitating Potato - sometimes prevents enemies from attacking, which can be a literal lifesaver. Has a side-effect of extending the duration of stuns, which is invaluable in some niche strategies like old-style Tower killing.
    • Star Starfish - attacks enemeies and recovers MP, which can be vital for Mysticality classes until you have other means of regaining MP. (See Star Starfish Trick) Also its cousin the Midget clownfish, which is much more effective vs. stench or hot monsters (which are plentiful in the early game), but ineffective against sleazy monsters (Oil Peak and Frat Boys).
    • Ghuol Whelp - restores some HP and MP at the end of 50% of combats. Recovers less MP than a properly managed Star Starfish or Slimeling, but it also recovers HP, and doesn't require any fiddling to work. So, if you want to avoid thinking about it, or need HP recovery as well it's a good regeneration familiar.
    • Nosy Nose - when active, gives use of the Get a Good Whiff of This Guy skill, which makes the monster it's used on appear more often as long as the nose is your active familiar. Of limited use for ascending, but makes collecting bounties for the bounty hunter hunter substantially faster, and not too pricy in mall.
  • Standard:
    • (nothing, currently)
  • Non-Standard:
    • Lil' Barrel Mimic - (~400 meat) strictly better than a volleyball, it gives stat-gains exactly like a volley, and also drops random items. Luck plays a big role in what you get, but most of the items are very handy (including up to awesome-level food and booze), especially for newer characters. Its specific familiar equipment (brass bung spigot) instead of giving +5 lbs, causes it to randomly restore hp and mp after combat.

Non-Tradable Stuff to Get in Advance

Remember that you as long as you have enough meat in Hagnk's, you can buy stuff in the mall during a SC run, and it will go to Hagnk's, and can be pulled normally. However, stuff sent by other players must be placed in packages, which can only be opened outside of Ronin.

So these are items that are non-tradable, so you need to get them before you start the run you're going to use them in.

  • Xiblaxian Stealth Suit - No requirements, +% stat and +noncombat on each piece, which is absurdly nice. Requires you to buy a 5D printer (Xiblaxian cache locator simcode), holo-wrist-puter (Xiblaxian holo-wrist-puter simcode), and the requisite Xiblaxian holo-schematics, which is pricy as of this writing (~1M meat, total), but may eventually come down. Most of the cost is in the stealth vest schematic, so if you skip/delay that one, you can unlock everything else for ~200k or less.
    • NOTE: Once you add a schematic to your printer it stops dropping for you (forever!), which is why the vest schematic is so pricy. Since the transmission from planet Xi is so much cheaper than the vest schematic (~9k each), you can probably save a great deal of meat by simply buying and using transmissions until you get the vest schematic. (You must use the cache locator simcode to get a 5D printer before any schematics will drop for you. Any transmissions you use before getting a 5D printer have zero chance of being a schematic. You have been warned.) You can use the cheaper schematics as you get them to remove them from the "pool" of possible drops. You could even get some extra vest schematics to sell in mall, depending on luck. Or you might find a veteran willing to sponsor your transmission using in exchange for the spare schematics to sell.
  • Raiments of the Final Boss - from GameInformPowerDailyPro magazine dungeons. The magazines are only about 1.5k meat each, and each is guaranteed to drop an outfit piece at the end. The highest priority pieces are the Helm (+experience), Greaves (+familiar weight), and Boots (+adventures). Also the Cloak, whose enchantment isn't all that great, but it's the only affordable cloak with no equip requirement. All have no stat requirements. If you're searching for a paticular piece, remember you can zap duplicate items. Also, you can find out which item the boss will drop by reading the walkthrough you get when using the magazine; if it's not the one you want, you can use another magazine to get a new dungeon with (hopefully) a more useful drop without spending any adventures. As the magazines are cheap, this may be more cost-effective in the long run that farming up many duplicates of items you already have.
  • Warbear accoutrements chunk, Warbear trouser fragment, and Warbear helm fragment gear - Fantastic items, the only downside is they have a 10 stat requirement instead of 0, but you'll make that in the first couple of dozen turns of day 1. Each chunk/fragment costs roughly 40k in the mall, and the items of interest are the ones that require 9-11 chunks/fragments. To make all of them, you'd need 30 of each fragment and 30 chunks, at a cost of ~3M meat. For the budget conscious, the single best investment is the Warbear warscarf for +2 resist all and insane HP and MP regen, made with 9 Warbear accoutrements chunks. The pants and helm compete with good, speed-enhancing items in the Raiments. I'd then fill out a set of accessories with Warbear goggles (11 chunks) for +hp and +mp, and Warbear laser bowtie (10 chunks) for spell & weapon damage. Once you have a full set of accessories, I'd move on to other things on this page before spending meat getting the hats and pants, which are less likely to be first-tier pulls.