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Rump3 3.gif Rump9 3.gif


You done took my toast.gif Nice trophy pablo honey.gif Saturday night inferno.gif
Der Toastdieb Tiny Plastic Trophy Duke of Disco
  • Getting Telescope.gif

Next Ascension

Dirt and dirty.gif Nice trophy pablo honey.gif
Bouquet of Hippies Tiny Plastic Trophy

  • Equipment:
Hippywig.gifLonghaired hippy wig
Loincloth.gifDanglin' Chad's loincloth
Jhotr.gif/Jcoldr.gif/Jspookyr.gif/Jsleazer.gif/Ring of Fire/Ice-Cold Beer Ring/The Ring/Mudflap-Girl Ring
Jhotr.gif/Jcoldr.gif/Jspookyr.gif/Jsleazer.gif/Ring of Fire/Ice-Cold Beer Ring/The Ring/Mudflap-Girl Ring(Different than previous ring)
  • Familiar:
Npzr.gifNinja pirate zombie robot


You shot the invisible swordsman.gif But it doesnt love me back.gif Nice trophy pablo honey.gif In a little toy shop.gif Go go gadget trophy.gif Dancing in the dark.gif
The Three Amigos I Love A Parade Tiny Plastic Trophy 99 Red Balloons Gadget Inspector Boss Boss
Master of nuns.gif Gored to the core.gif You damned dirty human.gif Look what i can do.gif No less than three.gif Hood ornament.gif
Jack of Several Trades Gourdcore Let My Bugbears Go! Trivially Skilled Three-Tiered Trophy Golden Meat Stack
Undercover clubber.gif Tortoise reform.gif Stop noodling around.gif Lost in the sauce once again.gif Dance round the room to accordion keys.gif Howd you do that man thats creepy.gif
Scourge of Seals Tzar of Turtles Potentate of Pasta Sauciest Saucier Maestro of Mariachi Eerily Skilled
  • Equipment
Timehat.gifTime helmet Timepants.gifTime trousers Prepsword.gifSword behind inappropriate prepositions
Parrot.gifExotic Parrot Hounddog.gifJumpsuited Hound Dog Familiar34.gifFlaming Gravy Fairy Familiar35.gifFrozen Gravy Fairy Familiar36.gifStinky Gravy Fairy
Slgfairy.gifSleazy Gravy Fairy Sgfairy.gifSpooky Gravy Fairy Familiar33.gifMagiMechTech MicroMechaMech Orb.gifScary Death Orb Familiar27.gifHanukkimbo Dreidl
Crimbotroll.gifAncient Yuletide Troll Badger.gifAstral Badger Familiar41.gifAttention-Deficit Demon Familiar28.gifBaby Yeti
Familiar23.gifCheshire Bat Familiar22.gifCoffee Pixie Commacha.gifComma Chameleon Familiar26.gifCrimbo Elf Familiar42.gifCymbal-Playing Monkey
Dandylion.gifDandy Lion Familiar40.gifDoppelshifter Familiar30.gifEmo Squid Familiar29.gifFeather Boa Constrictor Pictsie.gifGreen Pixie
Familiar25.gifHand Turkey Familiar38.gifInflatable Dodecapede Familiar24.gifJill-O-Lantern Jitterbug.gifJitterbug Tick.gifNervous Tick
Goodfella.gifPenguin Goodfella Familiar31.gifPersonal Raincloud Familiar39.gifPygmy Bugbear Shaman Ghobo.gifSpirit Hobo Familiar44.gifSweet Nutcracker
Familiar43.gifTemporal Riftlet Hare.gifWild Hare
Wreathtat.gif Bowtat.gif Clocktat.gif Pressietat.gif Eggtat.gif
Arboreal Raiment Bow Tux Clockwork Apparatus Crimbo Duds Grass Guise
Canadiatat.gif Radiotat.gif Toweltat.gif Hourtat.gif Tropictat.gif
OK Lumberjack Outfit Radio Free Regalia Terrycloth Tackle Time Trappings Tropical Crimbo Duds
  • Class tattoos:
Class1.gif Seal Clubber Class2.gif Turtle Tamer Class3.gif Pastamancer Class4.gif Sauceror Class6.gif Accordion Thief Asc02.gif Asc03.gif Asc04.gif Asc05.gif Asc06.gif Asc07.gif Asc08.gif Asc09.gif Asc10.gif Asc11.gif Asc12.gif Hasc01.gif Hasc02.gif Hasc03.gif Hasc04.gif Hasc05.gif Hasc06.gif Hasc07.gif Hasc08.gif Hasc09.gif Hasc10.gif Hasc11.gif Hasc12.gif Class1hc.gif Seal Clubber Class2hc.gif Turtle Tamer Class3hc.gifPastamancer Class4hc.gif Sauceror Class5hc.gif Disco Bandit Class6hc.gif Accordion Thief Class1hco.gif Seal Clubber Class2hco.gif Turtle Tamer Class3hco.gifPastamancer Class4hco.gif Sauceror Class5hco.gif Disco Bandit Class6hco.gif Accordion Thief Nobeertat.gif Teetotaler Nofood.gif Boozetafarian Oxy.gif Oxygenarian


Number Date Level Class Sign Adventures Days Path Skill taken
1  ?  ? Disco Bandit (none)  ?  ? Normal, No Path  ?
* First run.
2  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
* ?