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/em has been removed (in the technical sense) from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Wavedashing - How To: Wavedashing is difficult to pull off at first, but with practice it eventually becomes second nature. To perform a Wavedash, jump (hit X/Y), then immediately airdodge (hit L/R) into the ground at an angle. Each character has different timing based on their jump animations/duration. For the most noticeable results, select Luigi, who is known for his long wavedash.

Wavedashing - Uses:

  • Edgehogging
  • Mind-games
  • Spacing
  • Wavedashing forwards/backwards into an attack
  • Wavedashing into/out of shield/shine
  • Wavedashing into a grab
  • Wavedashing combined with normal dash dancing
  • Wavedashing upon landing (just the dodge into the ground required)
  • Wavedashing into platforms for quicker landings (just the dodge into the ground required)
  • And much, much more!

Wavedashing - Common Concerns:

  • Attending any large scale tourney will greatly increase your knowledge of the usefulness of this technique (along with many others).
  • Every 'Pro' knows how to wavedash and can perform it at will.
  • Learning to wavedash does not mean immediate ownership of your friends.
  • If you are just hearing of this technique, you are not as good as you may have previously thought, and you are not beyond learning this technique (to stifle the common egotistical beginner argument lodged against this technique). Learning it will bring more rewards than shunning it, so see past the difficultly of learning it and don't be afraid to do a little work.
  • Is wavedashing the most important general technique to learn? No. That most likely resides in L-Canceling/Shuffling. Is wavedashing an important technique? Yes.
  • Wavedashing must be incorporated into your game over a period of time to fully achieve its desired effects.