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Hey, I'm WallaWalla23! I like KoL for both the people and the amazing gameplay. I have about a dozen Hardcore ascensions (one bad moon) and a lot of normal ascensions.

I like speed ascending, but I've slowed down recently to check out all the new trophies and content.

Proud member of Unlikely Ninja

I don't really do much editing the wiki, although I did make a Skill-Banking Guide on Coldfront.

One of these days, I will organize this page.

Permanent Skills

These are all my permanent skills in the Order I took them. It's mainly there for my personal reference, but if you really want to read them, go ahead.

1.Advanced Cocktailcrafting 2.Pastamastery 3.Advanced Saucecrafting 4.Amphibian Sympathy 5.Impetuous Sauciness 6.Mad Looting Skillz 7.Advanced Saucecrafting 8.Tongue of the Walrus 9.Powers of Observatiogn 10.Double-Fisted Skull Smashing 11.Eye of the Stoat 12.Thrust-Smack 13.Leash of Linguini 14.Pastamastery 15.Torso Awaregness 16.Advanced Cocktailcrafting 17.Lunging Thrust-Smack 18.Elemental Saucesphere 19.Superhuman Cocktailcrafting 20.Springy Fusilli 21.Pulverize 22.The Way of Sauce 23.Transcendental Noodlecraft 24.Nimble Fingers 25.Expert Panhandling 26.Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation 27.Gnefarious Pickpocketing 28.Cone of Whatever 29.eXtreme Ray of Something 30.Empathy of the Newt 31.Aloysius' Antiphon of Aptitude 32.Armorcraftiness 33.Manicotti Meditation 34.Jackasses' Symphony of Destruction 35.Flavour of Magic 36.Ur-Kel's Aria of Annoyance 37.Ambidextrous Funkslinging 38.Smooth Movement 39.The Ode to Booze 40.Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric 41.Sonata of Sneakiness 42.Polka of Plenty 43.Cannelloni Cocoon 44.Tenacity of the Snapper 45.Claws of the Walrus 46.Claws of the Otter 47.Patience of the Tortoise 48.Rage of the Reindeer 49.Hide of the Walrus 50.Wisdom of the Elder Tortoises 51.CLEESH 52.Cletus's Canticle of Celerity 53.Spirit of Rigatoni 54.Reptilian Fortitude 55.Gnomish Hardigness 56.Cosmic Ugnderstanding 57.Tao of the Terrapin 58.Stream of Sauce 59.Seal Clubbing Frenzy 60.Skin of the Leatherback 61.Sauce Contemplation 62.Disco Aerobics 63.Moxie of the Mariachi 64.Musk of the Moose 65.Carlweather's Cantata of Confrontation 66.Spirit of Ravioli 67.Ghostly Shell 68.Amphibian Sympathy 69. Leash of Linguini 70.Mad Looting Skillz 71.The Moxious Madrigal 72.Eye of the Stoat 73.Pulverize 74.Empathy of the Newt 75.Thrust-Smack 76.Astral Shell 77.Diminished Gag Reflex 78.Expert Panhandling 79.None 80.Saucestorm 81.Immaculate Seasoning 82.Super-Advanced Meatsmithing 83.Saucegeyser 84.Crossbow Fever 85.Armorcraftiness 86.Ambidextrous Funkslinging 87.The Sonata of Sneakiness