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Wandering Monsters

The following are methods of turning any monster into a wandering monster that can be encountered in other zones, as well as their potential limitations.

Name Source Cost Number of Copies Duration Uses per day Persists past Rollover Avail. Notes
Fire a badly romantic arrow Obtuse Angel - 2-31 15-25 1 No HC/SC Unrestricted Shares counter with Wink
Wink at (Familiar Name) Reanimated Reanimator - 3 15-25 1 No HC/SC Unrestricted Shares counter with Badly Romantic Arrow
Digitize Source Terminal 5-20 MP2 Varied3 3 No HC/SC Standard (2016) Using Digitize fully replaces the previous use
LOV Enamorang The Tunnel of L.O.V.E. Item Loss 1 15 Yes HC/SC Standard (2017)  

1 - 3 copies are made if the Obtuse Angel has the quake of arrows equipped, or 2 otherwise.
2 - The MP cost starts at 20 MP, but is reduced by 1 per SPAM chip (max of 10) and 5 with an ASHRAM chip (max of 1) installed in your Source Terminal.
3 - The first monster that is digitized will take 7 turns to show up, then 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. Recasting Digitize will reset this counter, even if it is on the same monster as before.

The following table, meanwhile, contains specific monsters that are wandering by design. Monsters from previous world events are excluded from this list.

Name(s) Source Frequency Notes
Candied Yam Golem, Malevolent Tofurkey, Possessed Can of Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing Golem Feast of Boris 25-35 Occurs on Boozember 7 of each Kingdom of Loathing year as well as real-life U.S. Thanksgiving.
Novia Cadáver, Novio Cadáver, Padre Cadáver, Persona Inocente Cadáver El Dia de Los Muertos Borrachos 25-35 Occurs on Martinus 2 of each Kingdom of Loathing year.
peripatetic pirate, migratory pirate, ambulatory pirate Talk Like a Pirate Day 25-35 Occurs on September 19 of each real-life year.
menacing thug, Mob Penguin hitman, Various Nemesis assassins depending on class My and my Nemesis quest 5-15 for the first, then 30-50 for subsequent encounters Assassins will be encountered in order until defeated and meeting the necessary mainstat requirement.


The following methods are used to add additional copies of a selected monster into its native zone, increasing the likelihood of repeated encounters. The majority of these stack with each other.

Name Source Cost Additional copies Duration Availability Notes
On the Trail Transcendent Olfaction - 3 HC/SC Any
odor extractor Item Loss Post-Ascension
Daily Affirmation: Be Superficially interested New-You Club 35 MP 3 80 HC/SC Standard 2017 Does not stack with On the Trail
Offer Latte to Opponent latte lovers member's mug - 2 30 HC/SC Standard 2018 Technically has one use, but is recharged with a refill 3 times per day.
Get a Good Whiff of This Guy Nosy Nose - 1 HC/SC Any
  • The Nosy Nose familiar must remain equipped for this effect to take place
  • Persists past rollover
Gallapagosian Mating Call Illustrated Mating Rituals of the Gallapagos 30 MP 1 HC/SC Standard 2018
Staff of the Cream of the Cream (jiggle effect) Jarlsberg's Cosmic Kitchen 1 Staff Charge 2 Unknown Path Specific
Make Friends Sneaky Pete's Gate 30 MP, 20 Love 3 Path Specific
  • Must have at least 20 Love to cast
  • Persists past rollover
Curse of Stench The Book of the Undying 35 MP 3 Path Specific Persists past rollover
Long Con Western Slang Vol. 3: Fraud 30 MP 3 Path Specific
Perceive Soul Torpor 15 HP 2 30 Path Specific
Motif Jazz Agent sheet music 50 MP 2 Path Specific

Phylum Sniff

Some methods of sniffing out monsters are used to track all monsters of a select phylum, adding additional copies of all monsters of the aforementioned type (regardless of location) rather than an individual monster. These fully stack with each other.

Note, however, that banishing is less effective when used in tandem with this mechanic, for banishing only removes one copy, leaving the extras added by the phylum sniff in place. As such, it is less ideal when you need to fight a specific monster.

Name Source Cost Additional copies Phylum Duration Availability Notes
Adjust Your Fish Red-Nosed Snapper - 2 Any HC/SC Standard 2019
  • Type of monster to be tracked can be chosen and changed at will via Adjust Your Fish
  • The Red-Nosed Snapper familiar must remain equipped for this effect to take place
  • Drops an item after defeating 11 monsters of the chosen phylum
Ew, The Humanity Scent of a Human™ candle Item Loss 2 Dudes 40 HC/SC Standard 2021 Sometimes obtained from the Our Daily Candles Correspondence.
A Beastly Odor The Beast Within™ candle Item Loss 2 Beasts 40 HC/SC Standard 2021 Sometimes obtained from the Our Daily Candles Correspondence.


The following methods are used during combat to immediately steal a random item that the monster can potentially drop. Unlike Pickpocket, it will always steal the item in question, regardless of the base drop chances. If there are multiple items, however, each has an equal probability of being stolen, and can only be done if you did not already Pickpocket an item beforehand. Only one item can be stolen per fight, and most have a limit in regards to how many times they can be used to steal an item per day.

Name Source Cost Max Steals per day Availability Notes
Rave Steal Rave combos 6 MP 30 Disco Bandit
  • Only available upon completing the Me and My Nemesis quest, and is lost upon ascension
  • Performing with a sequence of 3 skills, the order of which is randomized with each ascension
Vpocket V for Vivala mask - Unknown SC Unrestricted
  • Mr. Store accessory
  • Has an 8-10% chance of occurring on a critical hit
  • Has a variety of other effects & abilities
Hugs and Kisses! XO Skeleton - 11 HC/SC Standard 2017
  • Mr. Store familiar
  • Also delevels the opponent by 10
Smash & Graaagh An Open Grave 2 Zombies 30 Path Specific
  • Also deals 7-12 damage
Lash of the Cobra The Book of the Undying 12 MP 30 Path Specific
  • Also deals 7-15 damage
  • Fails if the Belly-Dancer already stole an item, but does not share the same 30/day limit
Belly-Dancer The Servants' Quarters - 30 Path Specific
  • Also delevels and restores MP during combat
  • Fails if you already stole an item with Lash of the Cobra, but does not share the same 30/day limit

1 Although available during a typical ascension, completing the entirety of the Me and My Nemesis to learn and use it is generally unrealistic.

Random Effect Sources

The following items & mechanics provide random, beneficial effects onto the player. While each source differs in functionality, the following traits are consistent between random effect sources:

Name Source Type Cost Duration Number of Effects Availability Notes
ittah bittah hookah Familiar Equipment - 6 1 SC Unrestricted
excitement pill Spleen Item Item Loss
1 Spleen
10 1 SC/HC Any
Universal Seasoning Item Varied Fullness 2-6 0-1 SC Any
  • Obtained from The Swagger Shop as a seasonal reward
  • Triggers upon eating any food item after using the seasoning
  • May grant 1 extra PvP Fight instead of a random effect
  • Daily usage limit is equal to the number of Universal Seasonings owned
"caramel" orange Food Item Loss
1 Full
10 1 HC/SC Standard 2021
Crazy Horse Other (Horse) 500 meat (sometimes) 5 1 HC/SC Standard 2018
  • Grants a random effect at the end of every 5th combat
  • Passively grants +0-20% to Muscle, Mysticality and Moxie, rerolled on rollover & ascension
glob of undifferentiated tissue Item Item Loss 10 1 HC/SC Standard 2018
alien sandwich Food Item Loss
2 Full
10 1 HC/SC Standard 2017
alien meat Food Item Loss
3 Full
5 1 HC/SC Standard 2017
cuppa Uncertain tea Item Item Loss 30 1 HC/SC Standard 2016
Glenn's golden dice Item - 10 5 HC/SC Standard 2016
  • Usable once per day
chaos popcorn Food Item Loss
1 Full
5 1 HC/SC Unrestricted
Knob Göblin lòve potion Item Item Loss 4 1 HC/SC Unrestricted