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Pastaspoon.gifVireyar (#96655) is a player of little consequence, although he thinks his five-digit player ID ought to at least give him some fame. It doesn't.

He holds what he believes to be the largest collection of pasta spoons in the Kingdom, numbering ninety-six thousand, six hundred fifty-five spoons, met just before Crimbo of 2005. Normal (or what passes for it) collectioneering will continue in 2006. Anyway, this claim of his is unsubstantiated, having never seen a pasta spoon collection board in the Hall of Records, depsite having noticed at least three separate occasions of Jick's consumption of a single N. O. Beer.

This leads to his obsession - pasta. He once, several months in the aftermath of Black Sunday (around the beginning of November, 2004, as judged by saved K-mails) tried to drop the high prices of dry noodles, attracting the help of ginsu (#221869 and an all-around extraordinarily helpful and kind person), several former clan-mates and ten or fifteen others along the way. Whether because of his efforts or not, prices did drop. With that behind him, he went on to continue collecting pasta spoons and ascending into a Pastamancer several times. He once contemplated dressing up as a Pastamancer for Hallowe'en. Sheer madness.

A regular in /haiku, he was not-so-secretly turned Blue and was last seen trying to figure out which way was up.

I also find it difficult to maintain writing in the third person.

Proud member of The Blues