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I am me. Me is Venturboy. Therefore, I am Venturboy. Similarly, A ham sandwich is better than nothing. Nothing is better than true happiness. Therefore, a ham sandwich is better than true happiness.

Turtle.gif11 Mongoose 2,619 28
Saucepan.gif 11 Platypus 3,304 77 Hardcorex.gifSmalloxy.gif
Turtle.gif 11 Vole 2,756 58 Hardcorex.gifSmalloxy.gif
Turtle.gif 11 Vole 2,417 41 Hardcorex.gif
Pastaspoon.gif 11 Platypus 1,899 44 Hardcorex.gifSmalloxy.gif
Club.gif 11 Mongoose 1,655 34 Hardcorex.gifSmalloxy.gif
Discoball.gif 12 Packrat 1,946 41 Hardcorex.gifSmalloxy.gif
Accordion.gif 11 Wombat 1,340 29 Hardcorex.gifSmalloxy.gif

This gives me a Plexiglass Pocketwatch Plexpock.gif, Pinky Ring Plexpink.gif, Pith Helmet Plexpith.gif, Pike Pike Plexpike.gif, Pants Plexpant.gif and Pendant Plexpend.gif and and a Stainless Steel Skullcap Sscap.gif. I am level 6 in a Hardcore No-pathed Sauceror run, which will give me the Stainless Steel Scarf Ssscarf.gif when I ascend, and 2/6 items for the suit. W00TAGE!

I am the current owner of: 1 plastic pumpkin bucket and 15 million meat. I just aquired a Tome of Snowcone Summoning Book.gif, which is awesome. That is the extent of my wealth. Yay!