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Valkron (#1330063) is an enthusiastic player of the Kingdom of Loathing who has attempted to contribute to the community through answering questions in /newbie, hosting give-aways in his clan, creating flash-based animations, editing/refining articles in the Kol Wiki. He is closer to being a spade than a heart, diamond, or club.

Valkron's favorite part of KoL is the large amount of pop-culture references, puns, and overall humorous nature of the game that sets it apart from "serious" RPGs. His main purpose in the KoL wiki is to fix articles that lack proper references, and improve ones that already do. He also enjoys having only a few adventures each day to work with—it keeps him from spending too long in the computer seat.

Valkron's name was thought up on the spot for an epic poem he wrote, and he liked it so much that he has implemented it in almost every RPG he has played so far. Contrary to public opinion, it is NOT taken from Make Love, Not Warcraft, a popular South Park episode.


Ascension Log
Class Path Restrictions Sign Permed Skill
DB Hardcore None Marmot Ambi. Funk.
DB Softcore None Packrat Adv. C-Crafting
DB Softcore None Packrat Torso
SC Softcore None Oppossum N/A


  • Valkron collects plot holes. He currently holds the #1 plot hole collection in the kingdom.