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Time to jump onto the bandwagon. Iunno what to say here, but here goes... It'll get rid of the unsightly red links that my signature creates. Well, partially.

Characters: Valera [#1157177], Lakal [#1420990]
I belong to: Palissandre [#1385101] (No, I don't know why he named his account that.)
Gender: Female
Goal: To eventually HC perm every skill on my main [Valera], and to be able to do anything someone needs me to on my alt [Lakal]
Personality: 41% heart, 41% spade, 18% diamond, 0% club. Intolerant of stupidity, sarcastic, enjoys drama. Dislikes people as a whole.
Notable Accomplishments: KoLwise? None. I try to keep the Twilight Heroes wiki's item section somewhat consistent and up to date.
Notes: I'm more than willing to assist with what resources I have available, if you wish to test something. Just drop me a message in my user talk page.
I don't think of myself really as that great a spade, and KoL already has the area quite covered.
I may steal one of those interesting little tables from someone, concerning trophies/tattoos/skills obtained. It'd be purely for me though.