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Class6.gif Class5.gif Class2.gif Wreathtat.gif Bugbear.gif Cola1tat.gif Cola2tat.gif Coldgear.gif Hippy.gif Fratboytat.gif Eliteguard.gif Haremgirl.gif Minertat.gif Pirate.gif Hourtat.gif Palette2.gif Elbereth.gif Losertat.gif Martinitat.gif Startat.gif Ninja.gif Jfishtat.gif Recyctat.gif Asc1.gif Asc2.gif


Van went.gif Thats too friendly pippin.gif Heavy lourde.gif A dog a plan.gif Big head todd.gif Shakin the bush here boss.gif Ghuolishly good.gif The nastiest cocktail.gif Angst with extra cheese.gif Gonna need a smaller boat.gif You done took my toast.gif Party on the big boat.gif Ladies and gentlemen.gif Get oot eh.gif Better than bad its good.gif No well ten beers.gif Crushed under pets.gif He aint heavy hes my familiar.gif Dirt and dirty.gif Also ate zarathustra.gif With friends like these.gif


Almost no usefull data in here, since I started collecting the data on my 39th run. Then again: User page, so no useful info is required :)

No. Date Level Class Sign Advs Days Path Skill taken familiar Notes
1 06/23/05 17 AT (none) 13,636 294 (none)  ?  ? No notes.
2 07/23/05 12 PM Platypus 4,906 31 (none) Pastamancery  ? First ascension.
3 08/05/05 12 DB Packrat 2,578 14 (none)  ?  ? No notes.
4 08/17/05 12 TT Vole 2,349 14 (none)  ?  ? No notes.
5 08/22/05 11 SC Vole 1,067 6 (none)  ?  ? No notes.
6 09/02/05 11 SC Vole 1,382 11 (none)  ?  ? No notes.
7 09/06/05 11 TT Wallaby 948 5 (none)  ?  ? No notes.