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Member of The Hogs of Destiny (since 2006-2007), inspired to try hardcore ascension with the release of the snowcone tome. Has since done a mess of HC runs to perm every skill, tried various semi-speedy things and a medium amount of completionism.

Dreadsylvania Needs

Seal Clubber Turtle Tamer Pastamancer Sauceror Disco Bandit
Turtle Tamer Club Earth
combat skill, 50 MP
Pastamancer Carbohydrate Cudgel
combat skill, 30 MP
combat skill, 35 MP
Sauceror Splattersmash
combat skill, 25 MP
combat skill, 35 MP
Spaghetti Breakfast
summoning skill, 30 MP
obtain Spaghetti breakfast
Disco Bandit Grab a Cold One
summoning skill, 30 MP
obtain Cold One
Conspiratorial Whispers
combat skill, 25 MP
damage + delevel every round
Shadow Noodles
combat skill, 30 MP
combat skill, 30 MP
heals, doesn't cost round
Accordion Thief Song of the North
10 turns, 100 MP
weapon dmg +100%, cold dmg +50
Song of Slowness
10 turns, 100 MP
+50% initiative
Song of Starch
10 turns, 100 MP
+50% max HP
Song of Sauce
10 turns, 100 MP
+100% spell dmg
+50 hot dmg, +50 dmg hot spells
Song of Bravado
10 turns, 100 MP
+15% all attributes

Hot Cold Stench Spooky Sleaze
Bugbear warm fur
hot bugbear
cold bugbear
stench bugbear
eerie fetish
spooky bugbear
dubious loincloth
sleaze bugbear
Ghost vengeful spirit
hot ghost
cold ghost
bag of unfinished business
stench ghost
ghost thread
spooky ghost
transparent pants
sleaze ghost
Skeleton frying brainpan
hot skeleton
old ball and chain
cold skeleton
tailbone shield
stench skeleton
old dry bone
spooky skeleton
sleaze skeleton
Vampire vial of hot blood
hot vampire
remorseless knife
cold vampire
cod cape
stench vampire
intimidating coiffure
spooky vampire
blood sausage
sleaze vampire
Werewolf accidental mutton
hot werewolf
drafty drawers
cold werewolf
guts necklace
stench werewolf
wolfskull mask
spooky werewolf
groping claw
sleaze werewolf
Zombie hothammer
hot zombie
Thriller Ice
cold zombie
muddy skirt
stench zombie
grandfather watch
spooky zombie
antique spyglass
sleaze zombie


  • NS11 Tortoisecore Record (12 days/59 turns)
  • Fastest Casual Run (174 turns - tied with Ekeinos)
  • Eternal Leaderboards (SCB, SCO) -- currently missing
  • Largest collection of Guano Coffee Cups

Demon Names

Name Summoning reward
Bub'Chakkel cherry pie, strawberry pie, & lemon meringue pie
Otep'oocat +100% meat from monsters (30 adv)
Oo'tyler Regenerate 5-16 HP & MP per adventure (30 adv)
Durnya +20 Hot Damage, DR: 5 (30 adv)
Foozuul +30 Stench Damage (30 adv)
Cth'kelkel Passive hot damage w/ demon tattoo (30 adv)
Ach Zelotep +X% to all stats (X=turns of effect) (30 adv)
Ak'gyxoth 3 Advanced Cocktailcrafting drinks
Ben Ababuul Existential Torment (20 Adventures)