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Apocalypse Throb, Incarnation #1 Apocalypse Throb (#337456)

At a Glance

This citizen of the Kingdom of Loathing, with a strange name that has all the charm of the pair of activation words on an AOL starter disk, began his adventuring career on December 13th, 2004 as a Disco Bandit in the middle of the lengthy economic turmoil after Black Sunday.

He is a frequent visitor to the normal and pvp chatrooms, while regularly at least listening to the haiku channel, and may be openly regaled with delightful conversation in these venues.


Currently, Apocalypse Throb is a member of Disco Galactica, which is made of 96.748% pure Win by volume, and has been honored with several whitelistings facilitating recurring memberships.

Affiliations, in Order

  • Co-Founder: The Display Case
  • Former Member: The Peoples' Army of Loathing
  • Recurring Member: The Playghuol Mansion
  • Recurring Member: Otori
  • Former Member: People Who Want to Fļck Bashy
  • Former Member: Knobless Obese
  • Recurring Member: Valhalla's Gate

Claims to Dorky On-Line Fame

Throb first noticed a curious bulge on The Plunger, which lead him to proclaim that The Plunger has a raging erection. This further shed light on the uses of gnollish plungers as Gnollish-Made Penis Enlarger Pumps. (Get Yours Today!) He periodically sends these Pumps to people, discreetly labeled as a shipment from Degrassi Supplies Co. to avoid arousing suspicion from prying eyes.

He is a regular participant in the forums, where he is generally well-received in the Gameplay discussion forum or is generally being an ass in the hive of scum and mediocrity that is the Ring of Flame.

In a show of appreciation of Fnord7's amusing and endearingly-coded chatbot, he gave to her the first Mr. Store familiar to call her terrarium home, the Personal Raincloud.

From July 25, 2006, he has received 5 raffle prize boxes containing a bottle of Grimacite Bock or wedge of gray cheese for secondary lot drawings at the Raffle House. If only he wanted those Grimacite galoshes a little less, he might be a few tens of millions of meat wealthier today.

He is one of the more prominent Friends of Hagnk's, having donated 814 depleted Grimacite bricks to the rebuilding of Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage.

His unanimated custom avatar has a 97.36% probability of being much cooler than yours.

He was additionally immeasurably influential in bringing about the anniversary of Mr. Store, in particular the retirement of the Coffee Pixie and Cheshire Bat through the enactment of a plan to replace them. The plan was to take a less direct approach in delivering the idea by interesting others to the point that they would in turn promote the idea.

  • Sowing the Seeds of Others' Inspiration: This forum post was instrumental in engaging the player base.

  • Everything's Going Perfectly: This transcript of a radio show is a direct result of the above - a reader asked about the subject on the radio show, thus planting the idea.