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The %monster% is a fight that scales with the number of implementations you do (daily), multiplied by the number of glitch season reward names you own. If you have a lot of implementations like me, this is a meme softcore leveling pull that doubles as a bit of a meat pull.

The challenge, of course, is that this is a monster that will have thousands of ML and cannot be instakilled. Since you're fighting it as early as possible, that also means you don't have much in the way of stats. The easiest way to kill it is to keep it stunned and then use skills that deal damage based on the monster's max HP percent, rather than basing off of your own stats.

Here is the usual way to deal with it. You should have at least 40 MP going into the fight, running higher +ML requires as much as 120.

This deals 24% of its max HP with Marinara, followed by 20% of their max HP with every Robo-Kiss (Feel Superior does the same amount of damage but gives a PvP fight if it kills). At +0 ML you simply need to Robo-Kiss four times to kill it, although you may need a little bit more if you have any +ML.

SpinMaster™ lathe's beechwood blowgun - Poison Dart will halve the monster's HP every turn as poison daamge, but requires something to deal with the last bit, such as Marinara/Robo/Superior. Poison Dart does not stagger so you need to use a stun. The weeping willow wand - Barrage of Tears will instantly deal 50% of the monster's current HP in damage, but you can achieve the same with multiple Robo-Kisses.

You may also want a potato familiar or use the banana candle to get extra chances at stalling the monster.

It is not known if this will remain viable in 2023 when the retrocape and the lathe go out of standard.