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Hello, I'm

Tetravirus and Quintavirus of the Tenuous Alliance of Friendly Dictators
       and sometimes the Ferengi Commerce Authority.
Also once known as the now deleted Desdinova, Tetranova and Sunbreaker...
       casualties of the old inactive account policies.

Regret Man Fear Man Doubt Man Anger Man


9 Songnorth.gif Snout.gif Hounddog.gif Hate staff.gif Brimberet.gif Hkatana.gif Bowl.gif Deckdeck.gif Pieceof13.gif
9 Richie.gif Raincloud.gif Hobomonkey.gif Loathe snife.gif Brimbludgeon.gif Petejacket.gif Perf oldf.gif Meteorbook.gif Vial.gif
9 Sonata.gif Scurse4.gif Mechbird.gif Loathe square.gif Brimboxers.gif Protonpack.gif Wormbottle.gif Cmkey.gif Beerstein.gif