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Second-wave player, diamond and heart, TedPro is an unstoppable tornado of frostbite and strange particle activity. Member of the Ninjapiratezombierobot clan and long-time gamer, TedPro plays an Accordion Thief.

For a very long time, TedPro kept himself at level 20, so that, if Don Pygoscelis ever broke his hippy stone, TedPro would get a chance to PVP the Don.

He has yet to Ascend, but perhaps he will when he's the most Moxious in the kingdom. Instead, he collects familiars and trophies. He's often number one on the overall PVP rank lists.

Along with Balam, TedPro organized, hosted and ran the first major KoL-themed LARP, Kol Con Carne. He also helped run the second KoL LARP at KOL Con II.

TedPro was the first in the game to equip a Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot (as a gift from Jick.)