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Casual KOL player looking to learn more about ascension. Longtime MMO player in RS, Eve, WoW, and other games, and editor on their respective wikis. I started as Pasta and got all the crafting items! I'm also a very novice KOLmafia user.

I am looking to get into some of more of the detailed mechanics and interlink them with the appropriate ascension path info.

Profile: /showplayer.php?who=2536939

Chat guide (tabbed era):

links for self


redo fruit -- see User:Techhead7890/fruit

move [1] and redo the 2015 edition; consider looking at hi-mein too

List of sauce potions by type/effect

Category:Reagent Potions/Reagent Potions

  • Powder/phial - elemental
  • Oils (expertise but also slip/stab'l) - equalisation (consider which one you need, maybe straight buffing that one is better? Do they combine/stack?) - made from the two misc pie fruits (not lemon meringioue, and NOT pear/plum/peach)
  • Flat stat boost (25) from witchy stuff (cleesh mobs?)
  • Papotion - before the Lozenge line
  • 100% alliteration potions, 200% elixirs; tomato and gr8s

Useitem params


(You gain 1 Fullness.)
  • Banana 40, no scrum. grapes: init, no scrum. not to be confused with gr8s. (maybe it should be a bundle of grapes, or something)
  • Item (strawb), meat (cran/bberry). ML (jab, april fools dill).

Why is there advanced sauecrafting but not regular sauce? Shouldn't it be Saucemastery in line with pastamancery (or is that too necro instead of "witchcraft"). Huh, I guess that's it. But what's up with Super-advanced meatsmithing anyway?

Dailies, Ascension, and other reminders

Aftercoring (avatar skills will be lost):

  • If Pete, Max liver. Go!
  • Reserve 6 turns for guild to get skills/perms
  • Get a familiar and friarbuff to level it
  • Buffy songs and TT buffs