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Adapted from here, I decided to make my own thread for it because I got carried away and the thing got pretty damn big. I plan on making future edits later when I find the time.

What are some things I should try to get to make my life a bit easier? I'm not big on cash, so items to farm for my Disco Bandit (and possible ascensions) should be preferred. So far I only got the smiling rat and the ga-ga radio for stat-gain and as well as the ancient calendar, dead guys watch and gold wedding ring for extra adventures.

You'll definitely want to get the Naughty Sorceress familiars, those being the Angry Goat, Barrrnacle, Saber-Toothed Lime, and Levitating Potato (the mosquito is the fifth, but everyone has that). On the most part because they are required to "beat" the game and ascend.

Other low budget familiars include:

Provides MP and attacks during combat 33% of the time.

[^More ^on ^that ^here](

Increases monster meat drops.

Increases monster item drops.

Randomly restores HP and MP, attacks enemies, delevels, or gives you meat.

Here are all familiars by type, as there are many with similar ability with a bit of variety.

Some good low budget equips that are great quality of life improvements are the following:

Pros: Free stun when hit, decent MP regen, some bonus cold damage, low stat requirement, super cheap.

Cons: Outclassed at higher levels, aftercore in particular.

Pros: Fantastic HP and MP regen, full power, super cheap.

Cons: Higher stat requirement, only provides regen and HP bonus.

Pros: All Attributes +10%, decent HP and MP regen, no stat requirement.

Cons: Moderately expensive for a newer player*, outclassed at higher levels.

Pros: Good HP and MP regen, full power plus extra DA, +10% Moxie fairly cheap.

Cons: Higher stat requirement, mostly only provides survivability.

Pros: Great enchantments, no level requirements, super cheap.

Con: Takes adventures to get, can receive duplicates, outclassed at higher levels (although some pieces are still great).

Lets you get the Bounty-Hunting Rig, which includes some of the best + item drop items in the game, the Jumpsuited Hound Dog, ^(one of) the best +item drop familiars in the game, and most importantly, Transcendent Olfaction, an ability that lets you "hunt" down certain monsters, making them appear much more often, easily one of the strongest skills in the game (and it is made permanent once acquired).

As seen above.

Lets you get The Heart of the Volcano and some sweet class-based rewards, also an Instant Karma to top it off.

Lets you get some crazy awesome aftercore items.

  • [Placeholder for Clan Basements]

Lets you get the Sandwhich of the Gods, Pan-Dimensional Gargle Blaster, Enchanted Leopard-print Barbell, some of the best food, booze, and spleen items in the game, but most importantly, a Discount Telescope Warehouse Gift Certificate, which lets you setup or upgrade A Telescope in your campground, which will provide you will a small buff each day and a look at what the Naughty Sorceress has in store for later.

Lets you get the ^((double "the"?)^) El Vibrato Megodrone and El Vibrato Relics.

^Things ^that ^I ^did ^not ^touch ^on ^much ^but ^would ^like ^to:

* Clan ^Dungeons

* Budget ^Weapons

* Budget ^Accessories

* Newbie ^Ascending

* Probably ^some ^other ^stuff

* Newbie ^friendly ^IOTM ^advice