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the_dog_god (#561556)
Seal Clubber (♂)
♣ Pennipeds Beware ♣

I was behind the times before it was cool...

So, what's all this I hear about the_dog_god?

Well probably not a lot. Mainly because nobody really talks about him. Except his mum. His mum's awesome. He also sometimes talks about himself, usually in third person which is really odd if he does say so himself.

the_dog_god is one of them people who has been playing the game for ages and still ain't very good at it - mainly cause he doesn't go for speed or items or meat or any tangible good outcome of the game, he just pops in and out of the game to do things and say things and whatnot. He never shakes babies or beats no ladies though. He just makes references to songs stuck in his head and waffles on in boxes on his profile.

Mmmmmm, profile box waffles....

Six and a half years and I'm only up to this, lol.Proudly 97% DolphinDirty alchie in game and IRLFought valiantly for a while then defected to the Soviets It looks like you're reading descriptions! I love sausages. Also knob.
Randomly Selected Accomplishments :


♪  the_dog_god had a sullen friend  ♫
Who rode around in style
While the chopper's not that great on her

It makes that goth kid smile

Currently a Seal Clubber ~.~~ Currently a Seal Clubber ~.~~ Currently a Seal Clubber
Current life's ponderings :

So, what am I up to this ascension?

Well, at the moment I'm playing through Crimbo stuff then I don't really know.

Perhaps I'll ascend again and start gathering up some skills. Perhaps I'll explore Hobopolis cause I really haven't been there much. Perhaps I'll finish up this and crank into Bad Moon ascensions which I've never done

I don't really have a plan at the moment. I'll probably end up waiting till the next Challenge path and diving into that, but you never know.


So this box is pretty useless when I don't have a goal in mind. Maybe I should have left this as talking about stunt runs. Here, look at the pretty bunny...

Actually I'm a hare...

My experiences in the Kingdom of Loathing

Ezcook.gif anticheese anticheese  
Ezcook.gif anti Ketchup  
Hammer.gif Antiketchup Ketchup hound  
Flange.gif Hound Photograph of God 4-d camera
Equals.gif the_dog_god

So since you're still on my page for some bizarre reason (jeez, stalker much?) I thought I'd tell you a little bit about myself. So you can run into me on the street one day and awkwardly know a bunch of stuff about me causing me to panic and start wearing a tin foil hat again.

A bit about my KoL days: I started playing back in July '05 which makes me an old-timer to a lot of people and a toddler to a lot of others. I'd like to think I've moved on to big boy pants and no longer have to wear diapers, but I do still have the occasional accident while playing. I generally take long leaves of absence causing my ascension times to be longer than the average bear, but I've never really been in the game for the exhilarating rush of it all.

I was 15 when I fell in love with the game, nearly seven years later and we're still going strong. Admittedly there have been times I swore I'd never go back to her (especially when I came home one day and found she was a whole two levels heavier) but if all goes to plan I'll still be here nearly 7 years in the future; still ignoring work that needed to be done an hour ago.

.Cute little seal.
Class1.gif Plus.gif Equals.gif Meatblob.gif

The face behind the player
Name : Nick
Age : 21
Sex : Male
Location : Christchurch, New Zealand
Occupation : Med Student (5th Year)
Pet Peeve : People who think New Zealand is part of Australia (there's only a 2,000 km gap)
Favourite Music : Anything that can be played on repeat fors days on end till I get so sick of it that I never want to hear it again
Favourite Shows : Avatar: The Last Airbender, Burn Notice, Cougar Town, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs
Hobbies : Improv Theatre, singing loudly when I think I'm home alone, singing loudly when I know I'm not home alone
A Terrible Pun :
Helium walks into a bar.
The bartender cries out "OI! We don't serve your kind round here!"
Helium doesn't react.