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kol-avatar3.gif sl1me  (#267553) Softcore:
Bad Moon:
    Skills SC:
    Skills HC:

Created on October 20 2004, this is my main character for adventuring. The clan I founded, the Meat Monkeys, is comprised of my real-life personal friends. I like to collect as many trophies and familiars as possible. I also collect bags of airline peanuts and plastic passion fruits, the latter of which I currently have the largest collection of in the kingdom. (Donations of either are welcome!) I am proud to have been the 53rd person to have ever ascended, which has garnered a spot for me on one of the plaques in the Cannon Museum. I am also proud to be one of the very few to have Lunge-Smack, the Seal-Clubber skill discontinued before Ascension, as Hardcore permanent.


Permanent skills: 42

 0123456 78910111213 1415SR 
SC Club.gif Hskin.gif Boneclaw.gif facetongue.gif Littlestick.gif Hammer.gif Eyeball.gif Yakskin.gif Boneclaw2.gif facetongue2.gif Kneestick.gif Reindeer.gif Brokeskull.gif Snowflake.gif Jperfume.gif Scpowder.gif Wolfmask.gif
TT Turtle.gif Fballhelm.gif Ratskin.gif Pandacost.gif ghostshell.gif Anthelmet.gif Nicesword.gif Legs.gif Newt.gif Hp1.gif Pixshield.gif Mpoints.gif astral.gif noscare.gif halfshell.gif Knickers.gif Skeletort.gif
P Pastaspoon.gif zap1.gif Familiar3.gif Lasagna.gif zap2.gif Pasta.gif Fusilli.gif Chefstaff6.gif Cone.gif Ravioli.gif Ironspoon.gif String.gif Chrysalis.gif Fire.gif Bacon.gif Wok sm.gif Candyskull.gif
S Saucepan.gif stream.gif Cast.gif 5alarm.gif Elesphere.gif Reagent.gif Familiar31.gif Pepsphere.gif wave.gif Pepper.gif Pepsphere2.gif geyser.gif Gravy.gif Stench.gif Saltshaker.gif Goodgravy.gif Skullshld.gif
DB Discoball.gif eyepoke.gif running.gif sleepeyes.gif Exclam.gif Paperumb.gif Tinyglove.gif Tapshoes.gif Chest2.gif Sleepy.gif facestab.gif Lcrossbow.gif Slingshot.gif Heartrock.gif Footprints.gif Still sm.gif Hoppeddown.gif
AT Accordion.gif Wink.gif Straps.gif Clock.gif Strboost.gif Meat.gif Flipbook.gif Familiar15.gif Wshield.gif Toothpick.gif Mrsacc.gif Realbrain.gif Martini.gif sneaky.gif Monbait.gif Angry.gif Skull.gif
GN Bigeyes.gif stealing.gif Mrshirt.gif Icebaby.gif gnome-hippy.gif ?? Stick.gif Burrito.gif Squashfrog.gif Jbneck.gif Lucre.gif Dsnowcone.gif Groucho.gif Candyheart.gif Gma.gif

 Gray    - Softcore Permanent
 Black   - Hardcore Permanent
• Hover over the skill's border to see the name.

Trophies: 53

Gonna need a smaller boat.gif Party on the big boat.gif Get oot eh.gif A dog a plan.gif Big head todd.gif Better than bad its good.gif You shot the invisible swordsman.gif You done took my toast.gif Nice trophy pablo honey.gif Go go gadget trophy.gif Dancing in the dark.gif Gored to the core.gif With friends like these.gif Look what i can do.gif You damned dirty human.gif Not worth the wait.gif Thats too friendly pippin.gif Run over by grandma.gif Van went.gif Ladies and gentlemen.gif The dude abides.gif Angst with extra cheese.gif Shakin the bush here boss.gif No less than three.gif The nastiest cocktail.gif Ghuolishly good.gif Hood ornament.gif Master of nuns.gif Dirt and dirty.gif Heavy lourde.gif Crushed under pets.gif He aint heavy hes my familiar.gif No well ten beers.gif In a little toy shop.gif Also ate zarathustra.gif Whoops whoops whoops.gif Dance round the room to accordion keys.gif Saturday night inferno.gif Undercover clubber.gif Tortoise reform.gif Your mom knows the butler.gif Jeff was right.gif In soviet russia minstrels eat you.gif In deep end ents.gif My shrimps was dead and gone.gif You were devoutly aligned.gif Just like tara reid.gif Jeremiah was a bullfrog.gif Gonna go fondle my sweaters.gif Like a cucumber on pluto.gif Horror has a new name.gif Melodious and mellifluous.gif This parrot is nude.gif

Familiars: 71

Skeeter, the MosquitoΔ  Fresh Pie, the LeprechaunΔ  Muddy McSpuddy, the Levitating PotatoΔ  Thigh Master, the Angry GoatΔ  Triple-Sec, the Sabre-Toothed LimeΔ  Snake Eyes, the Fuzzy DiceΔ  Arrrby's Roast Beef, the Spooky Pirate SkeletonΔ  Mollusk Menace, the BarrrnacleΔ  Inflatin' Dan, the Howling Balloon MonkeyΔ  Stabbity Stab, the Stab BatΔ  Rotten Meat Bug, the GrueΔ  Mr. Wilson, the Blood-Faced VolleyballΔ  
Drippy, the Ghuol WhelpΔ  Vanilla Gravy, the Baby Gravy FairyΔ  Johnny Storm, the Flaming Gravy FairyΔ  Shiver Me Timbers, the Frozen Gravy FairyΔ  Corn Chips, the Stinky Gravy FairyΔ  Chocobocoabo, the CocoaboΔ  Jukebox Hero, the Star StarfishΔ  Slomby, the Hovering SombreroΔ  Vlasic Vladimir, the Ghost Pickle on a StickΔ  Cdef, the Killer BeeΔ  Aboat, the Whirling Maple LeafΔ  Taster's Choice, the Coffee PixieΔ  
Vanish Varnish, the Cheshire BatΔ  Strawberry Gashes, the Jill-O-LanternΔ  Verschlempt, the Hanukkimbo DreidlΔ  Dahling, the Feather Boa ConstrictorΔ  Sad Cephalopod, the Emo SquidΔ  Eeyore, the Personal RaincloudΔ  Pulp-o-Tron, the Clockwork GrapefruitΔ  ED-209, the MagiMechTech MicroMechaMechΔ  Inflated Dan, the Inflatable DodecapedeΔ  W32.Bugbear@mm, the Pygmy Bugbear ShamanΔ  Tapioca, the DoppelshifterΔ  OMG SHINY, the Attention-Deficit DemonΔ  
Shines, the Cymbal-Playing MonkeyΔ  Prehistoric Robot, the Temporal RiftletΔ  Hazelnut Hater, the Sweet NutcrackerΔ  Stiffly Stifferson, the Pet RockΔ  O RLY, the Snowy OwlΔ  Unbearable, the Teddy BearΔ  Immature Radioactive Samurai Slug, the Ninja Pirate Zombie RobotΔ  Hasen Pfeffer, the Wild HareΔ  ~Oo la la~, the Sleazy Gravy FairyΔ  Whatever!, the Spooky Gravy FairyΔ  Munch Munch, the Wind-up Chattering TeethΔ  Brew Boo, the Spirit HoboΔ  
Patrick Moore, the Astral BadgerΔ  Filburt, the Comma ChameleonΔ  Boydon, the Misshapen Animal SkeletonΔ  Anti-Cuboid, the Scary Death OrbΔ  Barry, the Nervous TickΔ  Two Step, the JitterbugΔ  Receive Bacon, the Origami Towel CraneΔ  Unbearable Torture, the Evil Teddy BearΔ  Unga Bunga, the Toothsome RockΔ  Channing, the Ancient Yuletide TrollΔ  Und I believe that you are snowflake too, the Ninja SnowflakeΔ  Lambert, the Dandy LionΔ  
Willy, the Penguin GoodfellaΔ  Optimal Prime, the O.A.F.Δ  Along Came Parrot, the Exotic ParrotΔ  Auch, the Green PixieΔ  420, the Reassembled BlackbirdΔ  122112654, the Ragamuffin ImpΔ  Trembyle, the Wizard Action FigureΔ  Swayze, the Gluttonous Green GhostΔ  Baxter, the Jumpsuited Hound DogΔ  Clugnky Ignterface, the Casagnova GnomeΔ  Ghost of Crimbo Past From the Future, the Crimbo P.R.E.S.S.I.E.Δ  

Notes:Hover over a specific familiar to see its name/type.
Click the triangle to see that type's wiki page.

† Blackbird only possessed when doing the associated quest, due to the nature of the familiar.

Tattoos: 77

Asc01.gif Asc02.gif Asc03.gif Asc04.gif Asc05.gif Asc06.gif Asc07.gif Asc08.gif Asc09.gif Asc10.gif Asc11.gif Asc12.gif
Hasc01.gif Hasc02.gif Hasc03.gif Hasc04.gif Hasc05.gif Hasc06.gif Hasc07.gif Hasc08.gif Hasc09.gif Hasc10.gif Hasc11.gif Hasc12.gif

Class1.gif Class1hc.gif Class1hco.gif Class6.gif x2.png Class6hco.gif Class3.gif Class3hc.gif Class3hco.gif Spacer.gif Oxy.gif x2.png
Class2.gif Class2hc.gif Class2hco.gif Class5.gif Class5hc.gif x2.png Class4.gif x2.png x2.png Spacer.gif x2.png x2.png

Black Armaments Bow Tux Bugbear Costume OK Lumberjack Outfit Clockwork Apparatus Terrifying Clown Suit Cloaca-Cola Uniform Dyspepsi-Cola Uniform eXtreme Cold-Weather Gear Grass Guise Yendorian Finery Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform
Frat Boy Ensemble Gnauga Hides Knob Goblin Harem Girl Disguise Filthy Hippy Disguise Time Trappings Encephalic Ensemble Furry Suit Mining Gear Hot and Cold Running Ninja Suit Swashbuckling Getup Crimbo Duds Glad Bag Glad Rags
Star Garb Terrycloth Tackle Tropical Crimbo Duds Frat Warrior Fatigues War Hippy Fatigues Arboreal Raiment Antique Arms and Armor Palmist Paraphernalia 8-Bit Finery Radio Free Regalia Tapered Threads Bounty-Hunting Rig

Pretentious Artist Quest Martini Consumption Tattoo

Other Accomplishments

You have proven yourself literate.
You have completed the Most Extreme Haiku Challenge.
You have picked 300 pretty flowers in PvP combat.
You have been inoculated against the Grey Plague.
You contributed 13,866 Meat to the Council's "Buy a Pair of Yetis" fund.
You contributed 11,442 drinks to the Council's efforts to get the Knott Yetis to breed.
You have spent 501 Adventures gazing at the stars.
You rescued Uncle Crimbo that time he was kidnapped by Linnea.
You delved 50 floor(s) into the basement over your entire lifetime before NS13 was implemented.
You donated 54 bricks to the rebuilding of Hagnk's.

Ascension History

  # Date Lvl. Class     Sign     Turns     Days     Details     Familiar

1     06/09/05    20     SC-small.png SC    (none)    18,717231NormalNo Path 
2     07/15/05    12     DB-small.png DB    Wombat    4,97438NormalNo Path 
3     07/25/05    11     TT-small.png TT    Mongoose    1,80610NormalNo Path 
4     08/03/05    11     SA-small.png S    Opossum    1,92210NormalNo Path 
5     08/14/05    12     PM-small.png P    Mongoose    2,36713NormalNo Path 
6     08/29/05    11     DB-small.png DB    Vole    3,57616NormalNo Path 
 WW 7     09/08/05    ??    DB-small.png DB    ???    ????11NormalNo Path 
 WW 8     10/25/05    ??    TT-small.png TT    ???    ????48HardcoreOxygenarian 
9     11/05/05    13     PM-small.png P    Packrat    7,76312NormalNo Path 
10     11/10/05    11     DB-small.png DB    Opossum    1,3096NormalNo Path 
11     12/20/05    12     DB-small.png DB    Opossum    3,47841HardcoreNo Path 
12     01/26/06    19     SA-small.png S    Opossum    8,97538NormalNo Path 
13     02/06/06    13     AT-small.png AT    Packrat    2,74312NormalNo Path 
14     02/13/06    11     SC-small.png SCBlender    1,8868NormalNo Path 
15     02/18/06    12     TT-small.png TT    Vole    1,3796NormalNo Path 
16     02/22/06    11     SC-small.png SC    Marmot    1,2096NormalNo Path 
17     03/17/06    12     SC-small.png SC    Blender    2,45124HardcoreNo Path 
18     04/03/06    11     SC-small.png SC    Mongoose    1,77918HardcoreNo Path 
19     04/18/06    11     SC-small.png SC    Blender    1,68915HardcoreNo Path 
20     04/29/06    11     DB-small.png DB    Blender    1,43713HardcoreNo Path 
21     05/24/06    13     AT-small.png AT    Opossum    3,02426NormalNo Path 
22     06/25/06    20     SA-small.png S    Blender    8,87633NormalNo Path 
23     06/28/06    11     PM-small.png P    Opossum    7734NormalNo Path 
24     07/02/06    11     SC-small.png SC    Blender    8144NormalNo Path 
25     07/05/06    11     SC-small.png SC    Blender    9934NormalNo Path 
26     07/07/06    11     SC-small.png SC    Blender    6833NormalNo Path 
27     08/10/06    19     SC-small.png SC    Wallaby    9,51335NormalNo Path 
28     09/09/06    11     PM-small.png P    Platypus    1,27231HardcoreOxygenarian 
 SR 29     09/23/06    11     PM-small.png P    Opossum    1,60116HardcoreNo Path 
30     10/02/06    11     TT-small.png TT    Opossum    1,14910HardcoreNo Path 
31     10/13/06    11     TT-small-yellow.png TT    Opossum    1,18211HardcoreNo Path 
32     10/25/06    16     SC-small.png SC    Blender    3,71614NormalNo Path 
33     12/16/06    31     AT-small.png AT    Mongoose    13,84152NormalNo PathFamiliar41-small.png ADDemon (53%)
34     02/18/07    30     DB-small.png DB    Opossum    19,10365NormalNo PathFamiliar41-small.png ADDemon (52%)
35     03/11/07    11     AT-small.png AT    Wombat    92222HardcoreOxygenarianFamiliar24-small.png Jill-O-Lantern (100%)
36     03/29/07    11     SC-small-yellow.png SC    Mongoose    83519HardcoreOxygenarianFamiliar24-small-yellow.png Jill-O-Lantern (100%)
37     04/16/07    11     DB-small.png DB    Wallaby    405819NormalNo PathFamiliar41-small.png ADDemon (88%)
38     04/16/07    11     AT-small-yellow.png AT    Wombat    4532NormalNo PathGoodfella-small-yellow.png Penguin Goodfella (97%)
39     06/28/07    31     SC-small.png SC    Opossum    21,70073NormalNo PathFamiliar41-small.png ADDemon (78%)


40     07/22/07    16     TT-small-yellow.png TT    Blender    5,46925NormalNo PathFamiliar41-small-yellow.png ADDemon (37%)
41     08/16/07    15     SC-small-yellow.png SC    Mongoose    3,27527HardcoreNo PathHare-small-yellow.png Wild Hare (100%)
42     09/18/07    14     SC-small-yellow.png SC    Bad Moon badmoon-small-yellow.png 3,56034Hardcore Familiar12-small-yellow.png Blood-Faced Volleyball (99%)
43     11/01/07    31     TT-small.png TT    Mongoose    11,99944Normal Cassagnome-small.png Casagnova Gnome (45%)

Yellow runs are my fastest run of that type. Types are Softcore, HC No-Path, HC Oxy, HC Teet, HC Booze, and Bad Moon. Post-NS13 runs are rated separately.