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This is the list of items I make sure to have in Hagnk's before every ascension. It's more comprehensive than other lists I have seen, but may not be totally comprehensive.



[X] 1 haiku katana
[X] 1 little box of fireworks
[X] 1 pilgrim shield
[X] 1 Jewel-eyed wizard hat
[X] 1 Navel ring of navel gazing
[X] 1 V for vivala mask
[X] 1 ring of conflict
[X] 1 Mr. Accessory (if needed)

Buff Casters

[X] 1 Mace of the tortoise
[X] 1 Rock and Roll Legend
[X] 1 5-Alarm Saucepan

Food (per day)

[X] 3 not-a-pipes or glimmering roc feathers
[X] 1 Prismatic wad
[X] 4 SHCs (preferably of correct stat gain)
[X] 1 Supernova Champagne
[X] 1 Corpse drink (preferably of correct stat gain)
[X] 3 Hi meins (preferably of correct stat gain)
[X] 1 Milk of magnesium

Backup food (for day 1) [X] insanely spicy bean burritos
[X] Advanced Cocktails

Random Items that you might want to pull

[X] Facsimile dictionary (21337 meat)
[X] Solid gold bowling ball/Really dense meat stack (5000 meat)
[X] Knob Goblin harem veil
[X] Knob Goblin harem pants
[X] Knob Goblin perfume
[X] Big book of pirate insults (Cap'm Caronch Quest, use while getting pirate outfit)
[X] Frat Boy Ensemble (Cap'm Caronch)
[X] Frilly skirt (Cap'm Caronch)
[X] Mullet wig (Cap'm Caronch)
[X] Briefcase (Cap'm Caronch)
[X] Wet stew (Quest for the Holy MacGuffin)
[X] Stunt nuts (MacGuffin)
[X] Drum machine (MacGuffin)
[X] Tomb ratchet (MacGuffin)
[X] War Hippy Fatigues/Frat Warrior Fatigues (War)
[X] Mick's IcyVapoHotness Inhaler (Our Lady Sidequest)
[X] Meat maid (untinker to get meat engine)
[X] Dope wheels
[X] 3 of each ore
[X] Mining Gear
[X] Pirate outfit
[X] 334 scroll
[X] 668 scroll
[X] 33398 scroll
[X] 30669 scroll
[X] 64067 scroll
[X] Chef-in-the-box
[X] Bartender-in-the-box

Stuff not to autosell because you will need it later (but not to pull)

[X] 3 Hot wings
[X] 1 Enchanted bean
[X] 1 Giant needle
[X] 1 Furry fur
[X] 1 Awful poetry journal


Gate 1

[X] 1 gremlin juice
[X] 1 wussiness potion
[X] 1 thin black candle (or picture of a dead guy's girlfriend)
[X] 1 Mick's IcyVapoHotness Rub
[X] 1 pygmy pygment
[X] 1 super-spiky hair gel
[X] 1 Tasty Fun Good rice candy or Angry Farmer candy
[X] 1 adder bladder
[X] 1 Black No. 2

Gate 2

[X] 1 jabañero-flavored chewing gum
[X] 1 handsomeness potion
[X] 1 Meleegra™ pills
[X] 1 pickle-flavored chewing gum
[X] 1 marzipan skull
[X] 1 tamarind-flavored chewing gum
[X] 1 lime-and-chile-flavored chewing gum

Gate 3

[X] large box (contains 4-6 of the following)
[X] 1 bubbly potion
[X] 1 cloudy potion
[X] 1 dark potion
[X] 1 effervescent potion
[X] 1 fizzy potion
[X] 1 milky potion
[X] 1 murky potion
[X] 1 smoky potion
[X] 1 swirly potion

The Keys

[X] Boris's key
[X] Sneaky Pete's key
[X] Jarlsberg's key
[X] digital key
[X] skeleton key ([ ] loose teeth [ ] skeleton bone)
[X] Richard's star key
[X] ten-leaf clover (To increase luck at the skeleton room)

The Perplexing Door

[X] star sword, star staff, or star crossbow
[X] Star Starfish
[X] star hat

Mariachi 1

[X] stolen accordion
[X] Rock and Roll Legend
[X] Squeezebox of the Ages

Mariachi 2

[X] acoustic guitarrr
[X] heavy metal thunderrr guitarrr
[X] Disco Banjo
[X] massive sitar
[X] Crimbo ukulele
[X] Zim Merman's guitar
[X] stone banjo

Mariachi 3

[X] bone rattle ([ ] broken skull [ ] skeleton bone)
[X] tambourine ([ ] tambourine bells [ ] gnollish pie tin)

The Tower

[X] sonar-in-a-biscuit
[X] baseball
[X] disease
[X] barbed-wire fence
[X] razor-sharp can lid
[X] frigid ninja stars
[X] spider web
[X] NG ([ ] lowercase N [ ] original G)
[NPC] hair spray
[X] meat vortex
[X] photoprotoneutron torpedo
[X] chaos butterfly
[X] mariachi G-string
[X] fancy bath salts
[X] black pepper
[X] tropical orchid
[X] bronzed locust
[X] stick of dynamite
[X] leftovers of indeterminate origin
[X] pygmy blowgun
[X] inkwell
[X] plot hole
[X] powdered organs
[X] Knob Goblin firecracker

Note that only six items are needed but are chosen at random.

The Chamber

[X] 3 Gauze garters/Red pixel potions/scented massage oil
[X] 20lb Angry Goat
[X] 20lb Sabre-Toothed Lime
[X] 20lb Barrrnacle
[X] 20lb Levitating Potato
[X] 20lb Mosquito
[X] buffs to get them up to weight Familiar Weight

The Final Fight

[X] Wand of Nagamar