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  • No consumable items with the letter B in them are consumable, except quest items and those hurt you. A lot.
  • No familiars with B in them are usable.
  • Gear with B in is equippable, but it hurts you for 10% of your max HP per letter B at the beginning of each combat.
  • Combat items with B in them are unusable.
  • You can craft with items with B in them.
  • You can use skills with B in them with impunity.
  • There are wandering monsters that appear every 15-20 turns, and are tougher than normal.
  • Monsters with B have an ML increase. Hypothesized at ~20% per B in their name. These do not give more stats.

Basic Strategy

The most important rule here is the familiar rule. No Bugbear, no bander, no boulder. Further, no megadrone in the CoT. These are the biggest hurdles to pass over.

The consequences:

  • Need to farm or pull outfits.
  • No runaways means ~20 turns added to runs.
  • No bugbear (and no sombreros) means plain volleys are the best stat familiars. GGG is the most helpful.
  • No megadrone means the Haiku Katana is back in style. It also means the CoT is considerably less useful, and you're wearing the putty mitre again.

The second most consequential rule is the combat item one. This means that you can't do the junkyard sidequest or the arena sidequest, which means that running as a hippy is optimal.

It also means that you can't use sonars, so you want to putty a screambat. Probably from a fax, but that's debatable. In a run longer than 2 days, faxing is the way to go.

Additionally, the B consumables rules means you can't eat all 3 legend KLPs. However, you can still eat Sneaky Pete's key lime pie and do the Daily Dungeon for the other two keys.

Those are all of the major things. There are many minor things, such as not being able to craft the moxie swill (Blended), but there are too many of those to list. Just be mindful about what you're doing and those won't be a problem.


Coming soon. I need to do a run! Cut me some slack OKAY? In the meantime, there's a planning document with a sample pull list and diet plan available here.