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Discobandit.gif Stroby (#849447) Asc12.gif


Stroby joined the game on March 28, 2006 on recommendation of friends i.e hellvenom (#783428) (all original "recommenders" had been been deleted untill the return of hellvenom as (#1525169) ). Originally stroby disliked chat not being able to work out how to change channels and well /newbie is a little loud. Once he bought a store chatting picked up on the discovery of /foodcourt stroby is now a regular.

Stroby's main goals include

  • Making friends with nice people in chat
  • Earning lots and lots of meat
  • Enjoying a great game to the full


Stroby quickly discovered the profits in doing Teetotaler runs to sell the rewards, then moving on to Boozetafarian runs for an increase in meat. Stroby's run speed was greatly increased by dolphingirl_za (#983972) resulting in his first four dayer.

Recently Stroby has embarked upon Hardcore to acquire a set of stainless steel equipment.

Future events will be added as they happen


If for whatever reason you wish to contact me feel free to talk to me in chat, I am generally listening in /foodcourt, via K-mail and by leaving a message on my talk page (this method may take longer to get a response) thank-you for reading