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About me

I have a PhD in physics from the University of Kentucky, with a focus on bound state QED.

In KOL, I stick to doing somewhat shitty HC runs, and occasionally spade aspects of the game I'm interested in. I can mostly be found in AFH clan chat these days. --Starwed 02:49, 19 March 2012 (CET)


If you need help with something, I do have adminship on this wiki. Just drop a note on my talk page. I'm not as active as I used to be (that would be grad school interfering) but I'll do what I can.

I especially care about making the wiki a more useful resource, and making oft needed information easier to find. (Example: addition of infoboxen to the wiki.) I'll be glad to work with folks on projects like that.

Known idea orders

GoldS: [Russian Ice ? boxing-glove-in-a- box], innuendo, Salsa de las Epocas, giant diamond ring

Alphaxion: diamond ring, mysterious gift, innuendo, marzipan skull reagent pasta sauce

Farchyld: (Mysterious Present, Russian Ice, Boxing glove, Voodoo Doll) <<? [Salsa, Diamond ring] smore gun, popcorn

Salsa, ring injected somewhere within the (), but the order within () is known from logs

WhiskeyJack: boxing glove in a box, diamond ring, russian ice, salsa de calavera, and innuendo, s'more gun

Checklist for Tagging

I'm using Locations to find them all.

  • Did all of seaside town except combat&choice semi-rares (mostly hobo)
  • Did all of Mountains except old Crimbo locations
  • Sea -- nothing to do
  • Plains -- finished
  • Lair -- nothing to do
  • Desert Beach -- finished
  • Distant Woods -- finished
  • Mysterious Island -- pretty sure it's finished
  • Other -- finished



Birthday Candle Quest -- The following one-time adventures occur in a fixed order
Candy 1.gif
Moon Over the Dark Heart
Candy 2.gif
Running the Lode
Shiv dead.gif
  • Meat Drops: 350
Candy 3.gif
Imp Be Nimble, Imp Be Quick

Combat Test

{{User:Starwed/Combat| name=fluffy bunny}}

Old Project

Infoboxen! Help bring these helpful little boxes to the location and monster pages.


What things look like so far:

Here's where I'm collecting the Location stuff: