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Account History

StDoodle (#1059825) first started playing in late October 2005, when his local Go Club posted about the game in its forums, but lost his original account due to inactivity early in 2006. His present account was created on September 9, 2006. He was a member of the clan BCS Gaming Gurus, consisting of people who know others in the clan IRL, before joining Hardcore Nation years later.

St. Doodle also has a mall-multi Astris (#1071615), which started as his then-fiance's character. (She quit playing a few weeks in.)

Play Style

StDoodle meandered through his first run, learning on his own for a while, but eventually looking to the KoL Wiki, which he eventually read obsessively. His first ascended run was as a Hardcore Pastamancer, and he hasn't left Hardcore since. He didn't even stickk around post-prism, except during Crimbo 2008, when he did a lot of trophy and tattoo collecting. At least, until early 2010, when the pressures of real-life, combined with burnout, started to lead him astray. He still meanders through HC ascensions, but sometimes lingers a bit post-prism, and often takes quite a while to free the king.

Fortune and...well, just fortune

Just as StDoodle was starting to get into the game on a more 'serious' level, he went from poor to suddenly well-off in a stroke of luck; a fortune was his after winning the final day of Amplitude's 2007 Crimbo Package on Radio KoL. To this day, StDoodle blames Amp for his obsession. Srsly.


StDoodle feels that keeping this up-to-date here is too much of a PITA, so just check out his bumcheekcity profile.