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I'm a relatively new KoL player - working my way through my second ascension now. The wiki has been HUGELY helpful over the course of my playthroughs, especially as I consider future ascensions and think about optimizing. That said, I can also see that a lot of the checklist / strategy content is out of date, so I've been going down some rabbit holes here and there. As a newer player, I think that I bring a fresh eye to pages that a newbie more relies on, as opposed to a 100-ascension player who's not looking at checklists and strat pages anymore.

Basic Ascension Roadmap

For context in using the table below, the following is a barest-bones roadmap of what absolutely needs to be accomplished to ascend during a no-path run; "i.e.", all of The Council of Loathing's quests, and the sub-quests that need to be completed to make them possible (leaving aside basics like touching base with NPCs). This outline does not include optional but efficient diversions, such as Azazel, Ma Belle, though those diversions are noted in the table underneath. It also does not contemplate an optimal order of accomplishing these tasks, or optimal choices where choices are available.

Level 1: Toot Oriole Quest

Level 2: Spooky Forest Quest

Level 3: Typical Tavern Quest

Level 4: Boss Bat Quest

Level 5: The King of Cobb's Knob Quest

Level 6: Deep Fat Friars' Gate Quest

Level 7: Undefile the Cyrpt Quest

Level 8: Mt. McLargeHuge Quest

Level 9: Orc Chasm Quest

Level 10: Giant Trash Quest

Level 11: Quest for the Holy MacGuffin

Level 12: Mysterious Island Quest

Level 13: Naughty Sorceress Quest

Table Proof of Concept

Council Quests
Level Pullable Item Location Safe Moxie Notes
1 Yes 1 1 1 1

Meat to Spend

Location Item Pullable? Meat Cost Notes
The General Store 1 sweet rims OR Yes 300 Either one.
1 Desert Bus pass No 5,000
1 dingy planks Yes 400 So dingy.
1 hermit permit Yes 100 Either one.
chewing gum on a string Yes 50

Campground Items

text for intro

Level Pullable Item Location Safe Moxie Notes
1 Yes 1 1 1 1

Level Pullable Item Location Safe Moxie Notes
1 Yes 1 1 1 1