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This page belongs to Disco_Girl under her multi's name... Soupersalad.

It's cawwed, "me and my fweind Disco Girl" [link] http:// albums/b118/ bloodvex/ f

By: Fat_Chocobo... I think it's cute... so sue me!

Disco_Girl's Disco-y multis:

  • Soupersalad (official hardcore dude)
  • Zomby Woof (official not-ascending meat-farming the-store-is-in-my-name dude)
  • Walks_With_Whales (official this-multi-sucked)
  • gillFace (official give-disco-some-chowmein)
  • theEVILGALACTOSE (official I-was-bored)

More things about Disco_Girl:

  • She hides out in /c newbie, and hopes to become a mod soon. She thinks she'd be damn good at modding... so...
  • She is a speed softcore ascender... kinda.
  • She is, in fact, not a girl.
  • Disco_Girl had a crush on the Toot Oriole.
  • Disco_Girl belongs to the Oce and has tons o fun having 127% of a guppy penis.
  • "There are no penguins, only manifestations of dead Astronomers taking the form of penguins in HAZMAT Suits..."

Wish List

  • Cheshire Bitten (Jick should have never discontinued this)
  • Any ultra-rare
  • Coffee Pixie Hatchling (Jick should never discontinued this)
  • Money to buy the above familier hatchlings

current trophys

  1. Palindrophy Trophy
  2. Failure To Communicate
  3. Little Boat
  4. Easy Come Easy Go

current tattoos

The Green Team

  • These are the people who are on the Green Team, my personal buddies from /c newbie. If you wanna be on the team, be funny, smart, sophisticated, and on /c newbie.
  • Coming soon: Making these individual sections and filling them with quotes by them. And stuff about them.


  • ADeadHeart: Cheetos Are... Better than Sex


  • Aerlyn: But I'm funny lookin', Butterz. It counts.


BioHazardMan (Known Mod)

  • This d00d is one major mod. Pretty awesomez0r at it too...
  • Mod Warning: O Canada has been banned from the chat (1 hour).
  • Mod Warning: And you're out. And, for the record, I'm male, NOT Asian, and NOT on any sort of period.
  • Mod Warning: Hey look, I can ban assholes all day!
  • This is why this dude is my friend.
  • BioHazardMan: Zio, then you got 59 extra minutes for free. Good stuff. NOTE: this was after Zio complained that he'd gotten banned for an hour instead of one minute like he'd asked.
  • I have a Volleyball named after him.
  • Being older, I usually try to win, even in competitions of being nice. Muh hah ha....! (Kmail after he sent me 9 hot hi mein)
  • BioHazardMan: clint - then how about this? Play beg once more and go to Banned Camp.
  • wow, this is getting long ; ) BioHazardMan is off like a prom dress...



Message from Alex (CT): I'm absolutely sure my account is BLARG DED by now, since I haven't touched the Kingdom for a good half a year, but I was Google-searching my various usernames and this came up, so I figured I may as well give a shout out to an aparent fan of mine. Luv ya'. Cheers.

Disco_Girl (Yes, I am on the Green Team)


  • Ex had just hurtled 7 bricks at my tent
  • Disco_Girl: Ahh! Ex is smacking my tent into the ground!
  • ExAcademic (private): Aww, gee. Guess you'll have to stay at my place tonight! :P
  • ExAcademic: I'll repspect you in the morning, DG. Totally. I swear. Disco_Girl: ExA, I don't need respect in the morning... I'll have your money then. ExAcademic: Well, DG, since I got it from your Mom, it's technically your college fund Disco_Girl: ExA, well, I'm glad I got it back then. Whore College can be expensive, and I'm paying your sister's way. ExAcademic: Yeah, she totally almost won that scholarship but got beat out by my ex-wife, DG
  • ExAcademic: I thought a girl's best frined was her v . . . . acuum cleaner


  • Fat_Chocobo (private): I may be dead, but I still have feelings!

Finrot Crapbag

  • Gave me a Mr. Accessory

Flinkle(Known Mod)

  • Flinkle: Oh, and I also wore a tux to my junior prom. :P


hemon 101


This sweet mofo gave me about a dozen boxes of sunshine...


BanMan (Imp Y Clelyn, the only person with a Banhammer)(Known Mod)

  • (Imp Y Clelyn, the only person with a Banhammer). Imp Y Clelyn is the only mod I know with a Banhammer.
  • Mod Warning: Recent studies show that begging is at least five kinds of bad, and quite likely six or more.
  • Mod Warning: Flaming other players is a bad move. Not only is your mod better at it than you are, his last word is a lot more final.
  • Mod Announcement: Condensed Chat Rules: Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!


*Lustmord, the 1-pound Flaming Gravy Fairy  (Familiar Name)
*Has the hottest avatar in the whole Kingdom.


Currently on a mission to wear full plexi on Crimbo. Obsessed with the color green.

  • Disco_girl: I'm going to spend a week at camp flirting and other things teenage people's do at teenage people's camp
  • Junyr: going to church camp?


Lady Arryn (Known Mod)

Mikel (Known Mod)

  • Mod Warning: [insert witty don't-do-that retort here]

NML Manticore (Known Mod)

  • NML Manticore: Flinkle's job is to superimpose boobs onto men
  • NML Manticore: I'm... very smitten with myself
  • NML Manticore: ah yes, letters, I had almost forgotten about those
  • NML Manticore: It's "Fuck You Upstairs Neighbors I'll Play Musicals" o'clock


  1. Build a man a fire, and he will be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life.
  • What sets this man apart was his apallingly large collection of fake hands. Currently, it's sitting at... 2000. Just don't ask him to lend you a hand... sorry, bad joke.



Sola (Known Mod)

  • Mod Announcement: Noblesse Oblige means "Nobility Obligates." This has been your culture lesson for the day.

Three Leaf Ivy



  1. TN_Bastardlyj looks up DG's skirt when she's dancing on his head >_<


  1. My entire divorce proceeding was absolutley hilarious

Turbulent Squirrel

  1. Turbulent Squirrel: Must be consonated, 'cause he just had a vowel movement.

Wombaticus (WTF? Known Mod?)

  1. Wombaticus: But Disco- We all get PMs. Heck, we hafta have PMs when we deliver spoilers and... what? oh.. THAT!... nevermind
  2. Wombaticus: I don't want to say our county fair was small, but paying $10 to stand in line for an hour to watch the butter churning was exciting!
  3. Wombaticus: Disco- I tried that argument with my Astronomy Prof. He pointed out the near vacuum. I pointed out near beer doesn't get you drunk, so near vacuum shouldn't have entropy... -hic-
  4. Wombaticus: The 3 ways onto my friends list- be another Mod/Mod multi, be someone I enjoy talking with and like to make sure I don;t miss your posts and... Wombaticus: be a total richard cranium and land there so I can have your ban ready and waiting when you arrive :)


Miscellanius Quotes

  • TanisNikana: The difference between newbs and n00bs is that n00bs have to go to to be able to get into chat.
  • Ander Hammer: Disco_Girl, I'm hoping to win an award for Most Gratuitous Use of the Word "Runescape" in a Serious Screenplay.
  • NML Manticore: It's a fact that Runescape is played only by scientists and brain surgeons