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My character name is SilentKnight (#119812), not to be confused with Silent Knight :(

My accomplishments can be viewed at the following sites:

Chat macros

Here are some chat macros I find incredibly useful!

Trigger(s) Result Description
/mall /go search the mall
/store /go manage your store
/closet, /cc /go colossal closet
/hp /cast cannelloni cocoon If you don't have cocoon then '/use scroll of drastic healing'
/beatenup, /bu /use tiny house && /cast cannelloni cocoon Removes 'beaten up' and fully heals
/3 /use $$ && /use $$ && /use $$ '/3 unicorn' would stick three unicorn stickers on your scratch 'n' sniff sword. This macro is a GODSEND for stickers and other items that senselessly cannot be multi-used
/kbuy /outfit knob goblin elite && /buy $$ && /outfit last '/kbuy 100 goblin eye' will buy 100 knob goblin eye drops and put your outfit back together afterward
/bbuy /outfit bugbear && /buy $$ && /outfit last
/pbuy /outfit swashbuckling && /buy $$ && /outfit last (now if only I could shop from big brother like this grumble grumble)
/roll /msg chatbot roll 1d$$ in games Usage is '/roll 10' to roll 1d10
/timer /msg chatbot pizza $1 Have chatbot set a timer for (argument) number of minutes
/trustbot, /whotrust, /wt /msg trustbot whotrust $$ Check trustbot ratings. Usage is '/wt SilentKnight'
/price /msg sellbot price $$
/whoami /whois silentknight for when I need to know what channels I am listening to
/scam /games If you suspect you are the victim of a scam please report abuse to Multi Czar (#6). This message is in response to supected scamming by $1 (#$2). && /baleet $2 && /msg trustbot mistrust $1 Usage is '/scam Period 1290886' names with spaces will not work, but the player number is the more important part
/home /whitelist incoherent conquistadors When you clan-hop it's nice to be able to quickly go home


I feel it's important to have goals, and having goals has led to me getting most of the items I want from the game. For now I'm focused on ascension goals, and trying to sort those out. Major goals will be listed here:

imitation crab zoea

I need to remember to get the following things for my science shelf in my DC:

magnetic field
deactivated RoboGoose

You can see most of my completed goals on my bumcheekcity profile snapshot

Ascension Plans

For now I'm planning hardcore no path runs, with some bad moon mixed in. (these are my real goals for the near term). This information was on my clan forums, but you can't view those from valhalla :/

Planned Ascensions

Special thanks!

These are just a few of the wonderful and special people I'd like to recognize for being awesome

  • Dandoom had a great 5th kolversary giveaway in which he gave away most of his belongings, I got a staff of the woodfire, and will always respect him for his philanthropy.
  • MaN_eGG collects eggs better than I do, is a super-neat individual, and gave me a natty blue because it was in my goals. Check out his clan of cool nice people!
  • Stargazer67 gave me a sane hatrack (which quickly became my favorite familiar!) because I helped her when she was a newbie (years prior!). Her message to me is saved as a constant reminder to always pay it forward.
  • Swoglodyte gave away 1M meat in /games, which I ended up getting. A true <3 /gamer.
  • YetAnotherMain gave me 2 natty blue ascots, which were in the goals list on my profile. A very nice individual, and fun to chat with =)
  • Zanzibar2162 let me play Whammie! in /games, and I won the Mr. A! <3 /games and <3 Zanzibar2162.
  • And of course the many many friends I've met through the game!