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Hi, I'm Scutterman

I'm into programming, I use all sorts of languages a bit but I'm not really that advanced in any of them

I'm just starting to learn Greasemonkey scripts, and I'll start to make stuff soon. I have plans for:

  • A dc shelf re-organiser so you can move whole shelves up/down easily
  • Something to turn multiple powder/nuggets into multiple wads
  • Something that stops you from accidently closing the page before logging off
  • A script to take all items (except toast) from your inventory into your closet and remember what was there so you can put it back again before you log off (useful for Der Toastdieb).
  • Something for the mall shop that 1) multiplies quantity and price, displaying the results on each line and 2) adds up all of the different results from 1)
  • show all items with x bonus

I have finished:

  • Display character's gender

KoL Gender Script

  • A lot of others that I don't have time to post right now, but they're all on my script page... I'll see if I have time later...

If anyone has any requests you can kmail/pm Scutterman (#1088044) in game.

All of my scripts are available here

I don't really contribute much to the wiki because I don't get much time online so other people post before me, and I don't really know that much about KoL anyway

I don't really know what else to put here... I'll update as I finish scripts or get requests... That's about all for now. --Scutterman 03:50, 1 February 2008 (CST)