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I've wanted to make a wiki account so I can edit some stuff in (like things for Crimbo / IoTMs), so I'm doing it now. My KoL name is SSBBHax (#2264486), and I honestly don't know what else to put here, so I'll fill up all of this blank space with random things about me to prove I'm not a bot (/r/totallynotrobots/).

~I started as a Sauceror and ascended into AoJ, which I have completed 15 runs as.

~I spent my first Mr. A on a Clan VIP Lounge Invitation. Before this, I spent meat won in /games to buy Jarlsberg's Pan.

~I've quit the game and come back 4 times (on this account).

~On my first day of starting a run on my multi, I ran into an Ultra-Rare monster (the Baiowulf). I've never even seen one on this account.

~Myst classes are my favorites.

~Filler reason :P

~As of now (January 10th, 2017), I've never attempted a Hardcore run.

~The captchas for this page are confusing me with how they work :P