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Dude, it's a text box. A... really... big... text box...... um.... yeah.....

Entrance Note

Leave your pants at the door.


Here are the easiest ways to piss me off:

  1. Use bad grammar
  2. Don't end the speech of a Moogle in "Kupo!" in a RolePlay
  3. Forget to leave your pants at the door
  4. Wandering into my talk page drunk
  5. Having a Username that starts with an "F"
  6. Having a Username that ends with a "G"
  7. Insulting Final Fantasy XII
  8. Being an overall wanker (No, I'm not British)
  9. Killing Kenny


I like melons. Especially Fran's.

Half Empty or Full

The glass is neither half empty or half full. It is simply in need of a refill. [[File:409pxglassofwater.jpg‎|thumb|280px|The glass]]

Of Chickens and Roads

The chicken crossed the road because it felt like it. DEAL WITH IT. Stop questioning chickens and start questioning more important things. Like liquid soap.

The Martini Glass

So, I'm not old enough to drink, but my character is. So, here's all the different types of booze I've consumed on this game since I started:

  1. ice-cold Willer
  2. shot of grapefruit schnapps
  3. shot of orange schnapps
  4. white lightning
  5. whiskey and soda
  6. strawberry daiquiri
  7. bottle of rum
  8. tequila with training wheels
  9. fine wine
  10. bottle of tequila
  11. shot of tomato schnapps
  12. rum and cola
  13. whiskey sour
  14. margarita
  15. vodka martini
  16. ream stout
  17. plum wine
  18. tequila sunrise
  19. bloody mary
  20. bottle of whiskey
  21. Mad Train wine
  22. bilge wine
  23. green beer
  24. Imp Ale
  25. white Canadian
  26. ice-cold Sir Schlitz
  27. salty dog
  28. wine spritzer
  29. grog
  30. redrum
  31. boxed wine
  32. dusty bottle of Zinfandel
  33. monkey wrench
  34. screwdriver
  35. dusty bottle of Merlot
  36. dusty bottle of Pinot Noir
  37. snifter of thoroughly aged brandy
  38. McMillicancuddy's Special Lager
  39. martini
  40. old-fashioned
  41. horizontal tango
  42. bottle of gin
  43. dusty bottle of Port
  44. dusty bottle of Muscat
  45. flute of flat champagne
  46. steel margarita
  47. vodka and cranberry
  48. bottle of popskull
  49. roll in the hay
  50. thermos full of Knob coffee
  51. tomato daiquiri
  52. shot of blackberry schnapps
  53. strawberry wine
  54. corpsetini
  55. spiced rum
  56. lumbering jack
  57. bottle of realpagne
  58. perpendicular hula
  59. oozenog
  60. giant glass of brandy
  61. ice-cold fotie
  62. thistle wine
  63. cruelty-free wine
  64. Ram's Face Lager
  65. black & tan
  66. Blackfly Chardonnay
  67. dusty bottle of Marsala
  68. bloody beer
  69. sangria
  70. shot of flower schnapps
  71. whiskey and cola
  72. extra-spicy bloody mary
  73. Mt. Noob Pale Ale


So yeah. I'll probably add more to this page as I see fit.Don't forget to pick up your pants before you leave. They're at the door in case you forgot. [[File:236pxno29avenuerappt.jpg|thumb|236px|Here's the door. Now get lost. And take your pants with you.]]