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His Collection contains the following

       candied kobold

Cold Hots candy
dwarf bread
Knob Goblin love potion
Knob Goblin steroids
Mr. Mediocrebar
Now and Earlier
pixellated candy heart
Rock Pops
Senior Mints
sugar-coated pine cone
Tasty Fun Good rice candy
Wint-O-Fresh mint
Yummy Tummy bean
Feast Of Boris
can-shaped gelatinous cranberry sauce (2)
candied yams (2)
herbal stuffing (5)
tofurkey gravy (2)
tofurkey leg (2)
Cola Wars
Cloaca grenade
Cloaca-Cola c-rations
Cloaca-Cola fatigues (2)
Cloaca-Cola helmet (2)
Cloaca-Cola knapsack
Cloaca-Cola shield (2)
Cloaca-Cola-issue combat knife
Dyspepsi grenade
Dyspepsi-Cola d-rations
Dyspepsi-Cola fatigues (2)
Dyspepsi-Cola helmet (2)
Dyspepsi-Cola knapsack
Dyspepsi-Cola shield (2)
Dyspepsi-Cola-issue canteen
picture of a dead guy's girlfriend
Tiny Plastic Collection
tiny plastic accordion thief
tiny plastic angry goat
tiny plastic baby gravy fairy
tiny plastic barrrnacle
tiny plastic bitchin' meatcar
tiny plastic blood-faced volleyball
tiny plastic Cheshire bat
tiny plastic cocoabo
tiny plastic coffee pixie
tiny plastic disco bandit
tiny plastic fuzzy dice
tiny plastic ghost pickle on a stick
tiny plastic ghuol whelp
tiny plastic grue
tiny plastic hermit
tiny plastic howling balloon monkey
tiny plastic killer bee
tiny plastic leprechaun
tiny plastic levitating potato
tiny plastic mosquito
tiny plastic pastamancer
tiny plastic sabre-toothed lime
tiny plastic sauceror
tiny plastic seal clubber
tiny plastic spooky pirate skeleton
tiny plastic stab bat
tiny plastic star starfish
tiny plastic turtle tamer
St. Sneaky Pete's Day
blue traffic cone
cheap plastic bottle opener (14)
green beer (9)
green traffic cone
bell-shaped Crimbo cookie
candy cane (2)
doll house
duck-on-a-string (3)
fancy chocolate
gingerbread bugbear
googly eye
length of string
pet rock
rag doll
sleeping snowy owl
sock monkey (2)
stuffed doppelshifter
teddy bear
tiny plastic Crimbo elf
tiny plastic Crimbo reindeer
tiny plastic Crimbo wreath
tiny plastic sweet nutcracker
tiny plastic Uncle Crimbo
toy soldier (2)
toy train
toy wheel
tree-shaped Crimbo cookie
Unionize The Elves sign
wooden block
wreath-shaped Crimbo cookie
Oyster Day
black paisley oyster egg
black plastic oyster egg
black polka-dot oyster egg
black striped oyster egg
blue paisley oyster egg
blue plastic oyster egg
blue polka-dot oyster egg
blue striped oyster egg
lavender paisley oyster egg
lavender plastic oyster egg
lavender polka-dot oyster egg
lavender striped oyster egg
mauve paisley oyster egg
mauve plastic oyster egg
mauve striped oyster egg
oyster basket
7-Foot Dwarven mattock
bow staff
bowlegged pants
bugbear beanie
bugbear bungguard
can of fake snow
cold ninja mask
colored-light "necklace"
eXtreme mittens
eXtreme scarf
filthy corduroys
filthy knitted dread sack
furry kilt
furry pants
homoerotic frat-paddle
icy-hot katana
Knob Goblin harem pants
Knob Goblin harem veil
miner's helmet
miner's pants
ninja hot pants
Orcish baseball cap
Orcish cargo shorts
pixel hat
pixel pants
pixel sword
ring of aggravate monster
snowboarder pants
star buckler
star hat
star pants
stuffed shoulder parrot
swashbuckling pants
tree skirt
vorpal blade
wolf mask
Gift Shop
arrow'd heart balloon
double daisy
green balloon
miniature stuffed Goth Giant
potted cactus
stuffed can of asparagus
stuffed dodecapede
urinal cake
Valentine's Day cake
white balloon
ice baby
ice sickle
ninja pirate zombie robot head
time sword
Grey Plague
blood flower
Doc's Miracle Cure
empty blowgun
loaded serum blowgun
lovecat tail
plastic passion fruit
questionable taco
zombie pineal gland

Store contents

his store claims to contain always and only the uneeded items from his inventory
It currently contains Multiple owls

Other random facts

He has 6,607,252 meat
His account was created October 10, 2005