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This page was made by Miatog. You can Kmail me if you’d like one. I charge based on how much you want in the page.


1st run:

Level: 16
Class: Pastamancer
Sign: none
Turns: 10,248
Days: 82
Path: Normal, no path

2nd run:

Level: 15
Class: Seal Clubber
Sign: Marmot
Turns: 4,554
Days: 87
Path: Normal, Teetotaler

What Trophies I have

Little Boat Gonna need a smaller boat.gif
100 Pound Load Heavy lourde.gif
Palindrophy A dog a plan.gif
Platinum Skull Big head todd.gif
Easy Come Easy Go Van went.gif
Weeping Pizza Angst with extra cheese.gif
Tiny Plastic Trophy Nice trophy pablo honey.gif
Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy The dude abides.gif
Your Log Saw Something That Night Better than bad its good.gif

What Trophies I need:

Big Boat Party on the big boat.gif
I Heart Canadia Get oot eh.gif
300 Pound Load Crushed under pets.gif
Silver Yeti Awwwwww.gif
Golden Yeti Yeti pants now.gif
Disgusting Cocktail The nastiest cocktail.gif
The Ghuol Cup Ghuolishly good.gif
Der Toastdieb You done took my toast.gif
Bouquet of Hippies Dirt and dirty.gif
Black Hole Terrarium He aint heavy hes my familiar.gif
Failure to Communicate Shakin the bush here boss.gif
99 Red Balloons In a little toy shop.gif
Gadget Inspector Go go gadget trophy.gif
Boss Boss Dancing in the dark.gif
Jack of Several Trades Master of nuns.gif
Gourdcore Gored to the core.gif
Let My Bugbears Go! You damned dirty human.gif
Trivially Skilled Look what i can do.gif
This Lousy Trophy Not worth the wait.gif
Three-Tiered Trophy No less than three.gif
Friend of Elves Thats too friendly pippin.gif
Reindeer Hunter Run over by grandma.gif
Look, Ma! No Pants! Not wearing any pants.gif
Slice and Dice With friends like these.gif
Gender Bender Ladies and gentlemen.gif
Golden Meat Stack Hood ornament.gif
Little Chickadee No well ten beers.gif
The Three Amigos You shot the invisible swordsman.gif
Festive Dismemberment In deep end ents.gif
Best Meal of My Life Also ate zarathustra.gif
Scourge of Seals Undercover clubber.gif
Tzar of Turtles Tortoise reform.gif
Potentate of Pasta Stop noodling around.gif
Sauciest Saucier Lost in the sauce once again.gif
Duke of Disco Saturday night inferno.gif
Maestro of Mariachi Dance round the room to accordion keys.gif

Familiars that I have

Familiar1.gif Mosquito
Familiar4.gif Angry Goat
Familiar6.gif Fuzzy Dice
Familiar7.gif Spooky Pirate Skeleton
Familiar8.gif Barrrnacle
Familiar9.gif Howling Balloon Monkey
Familiar11.gif Grue
Familiar17.gif Star Starfish
Familiar18.gif Hovering Sombrero
Familiar19.gif Ghost Pickle on a Stick
Familiar20.gif Killer Bee
Familiar46.gif Snowy Owl
Animskel.gif Misshapen Animal Skeleton
Orb.gif Scary Death Orb

Needed Familiar List:

Familiar2.gif Leprechaun
Familiar3.gif Levitating Potato
Familiar5.gif Sabre-Toothed Lime
Familiar10.gif Stab Bat
Familiar12.gif Blood-Faced Volleyball
Familiar14.gif Ghuol Whelp
Familiar15.gif Baby Gravy Fairy
Familiar16.gif Cocoabo
Familiar21.gif Whirling Maple Leaf
Familiar22.gif Coffee Pixie
Familiar23.gif Cheshire Bat
Familiar24.gif Jill-O-Lantern
Familiar25.gif Hand Turkey
Familiar26.gif Crimbo Elf
Familiar27.gif Hanukkimbo Dreidl
Familiar28.gif Baby Yeti
Familiar29.gif Feather Boa Constrictor
Familiar30.gif Emo Squid
Familiar31.gif Personal Raincloud
Familiar32.gif Clockwork Grapefruit
Familiar33.gif MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech
Familiar34.gif Flaming Gravy Fairy
Familiar35.gif Frozen Gravy Fairy
Familiar36.gif Stinky Gravy Fairy
Sgfairy.gif Spooky Gravy Fairy
Familiar38.gif Inflatable Dodecapede
Familiar39.gif Pygmy Bugbear Shaman
Familiar40.gif Doppelshifter
Familiar41.gif Attention-Deficit Demon
Familiar42.gif Cymbal-Playing Monkey
Familiar43.gif Temporal Riftlet
Familiar44.gif Sweet Nutcracker
Familiar45.gif Pet Rock
Familiar47.gif Teddy Bear
Npzr.gif Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot
Slgfairy.gif Sleazy Gravy Fairy
Hare.gif Wild Hare
Chatteeth.gif Wind-up Chattering Teeth
Ghobo.gif Spirit Hobo
Badger.gif Astral Badger
Commacha.gif Comma Chameleon
Jitterbug.gif Jitterbug
Tick.gif Nervous Tick