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Pastamancer.gif Rai (#551914)
Level 11
Manicotti Magus

Rai (#551914) is a seventeen-time ascended player, and the leader of the Time Hornets clan. Whenever someone is in need of help, he always answers questions. Except for rhetorical ones. His Kingdom of Loathing plan is to retire as a Pastamancer.

Current Familiar

Name Type Image
Chams Ghost Pickle on a Stick Familiar19.gif

Familiar List

Name Type Image
Ronny Mosquito Familiar1.gif
Ralph Leprechaun Familiar2.gif
Sprout Levitating Potato Familiar3.gif
Willis Angry Goat Familiar4.gif
Alexis Sabre-Toothed Lime Familiar5.gif
Uncle Meat Fuzzy Dice Familiar6.gif
Kapp'n Kai Spooky Pirate Skeleton Familiar7.gif
Zoidberg Barrrnacle Familiar8.gif
Bolt Howling Balloon Monkey Familiar9.gif
Shadow Rush Stab Bat Familiar10.gif
Dave Lebling Jr. Grue Familiar11.gif
Hoight Blood-Faced Volleyball Familiar12.gif
Mara Jr. Ghuol Whelp Familiar14.gif
Navi Baby Gravy Fairy Familiar15.gif
Tempest Cocoabo Familiar16.gif
Patrick Star Starfish Familiar17.gif
Sanders Hovering Sombrero Familiar18.gif
Chams Ghost Pickle on a Stick Familiar19.gif
Tenroh Killer Bee Familiar20.gif
Tornadian Whirling Maple Leaf Familiar21.gif
Neutron Clockwork Grapefruit Familiar32.gif
XL-K MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech Familiar33.gif
Will O' Wisp Flaming Gravy Fairy Familiar34.gif
Europa Frozen Gravy Fairy Familiar35.gif
X Stinky Gravy Fairy Familiar36.gif
Rock Doom Pet Rock Familiar45.gif
Lani Snowy Owl Familiar46.gif
Adolf Teddy Bear Familiar47.gif
Kitkat Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot Npzr.gif
Helena Spooky Gravy Fairy Sgfairy.gif
Patty Sleazy Gravy Fairy Slgfairy.gif
Chip Wind-up Chattering Teeth Chatteeth.gif
Princess Misshapen Animal Skeleton Animskel.gif

Ascension History

Number Date Level Class Sign Adventures Days Path Skill taken
1 * 11 Pastamancer (none) * * Normal, No Path Weapon of the Pastalord
2 * 11 Disco Bandit * * * Normal, Teetolar Advanced Cocktailcrafting
3 23/11/05 11 Seal Clubber The Vole 10,070* 146* Normal, No Path Super-Advanced Meatsmithing
4 30/12/05 11 Sauceror The Marmot 2,881 38 Normal, No Path Advanced Saucecrafting
5 20/01/06 11 Turtle Tamer The Vole 2,147 22 Normal, No Path Armorcraftiness
6 08/02/06 11 Pastamancer The Marmot 2,150 20 Normal, No Path Pastamastery
7 23/02/06 11 Accordion Thief The Packrat 2,196 16 Normal, No Path Torso Awaregness
8 08/03/06 11 Turtle Tamer The Vole 1,953 14 Normal, No Path Amphibian Sympathy
9 23/03/06 12 Disco Bandit The Blender 2,122 19 Normal, No Path Ambidextrous Funkslinging
10 07/04/06 12 Seal Clubber The Mongoose 1,979 13 Normal, No Path Double-Fisted Skull Smashing
11 24/04/06 11 Turtle Tamer The Wallaby 2,067 18 Normal, No Path Empathy of the Newt
12 08/05/06 11 Pastamancer The Marmot 1,906 15 Normal, No Path CLEESH
13 22/05/06 11 Disco Bandit The Packrat 1,988 15 Normal, No Path Mad Looting Skillz
14 18/06/06 15 Seal Clubber The Wallaby 4,012 28 Normal, No Path Pulverize
15 05/07/06 11 Disco Bandit The Blender 1,462 18 Normal, No Path Nimble Fingers
16 14/07/06 11 Seal Clubber The Wallaby 1,604 10 Normal, No Path Eye of the Stoat
17 10/09/08 12 Seal Clubber The Opossum 2,579 59 Normal, No Path Lunging Thrust-Smack

Permanant Skills

Skills are in order of when they were obtained. Rai has currently obtained seventeen skills as permanant.

  1. Weapon of the Pastalord
  2. Advanced Cocktailcrafting
  3. Super-Advanced Meatsmithing
  4. Advanced Saucecrafting
  5. Armorcraftiness
  6. Pastamastery
  7. Torso Awaregness
  8. Amphibian Sympathy
  9. Ambidextrous Funkslinging
  10. Double-Fisted Skull Smashing
  11. Empathy of the Newt
  12. CLEESH
  13. Mad Looting Skillz
  14. Pulverize
  15. Nimble Fingers
  16. Eye of the Stoat
  17. Lunging Thrust-Smack

Trophies Obtained

Trophies are in order of when they were obtained. Rai has currently obtained twelve trophies.

Name Image
Palindrophy A dog a plan.gif
Easy Come Easy Go Van went.gif
The Ghuol Cup Ghuolishly good.gif
Let My Bugbears Go! You damned dirty human.gif
Friend of Elves Thats too friendly pippin.gif
Reindeer Hunter Run over by grandma.gif
Platinum Skull Big head todd.gif
Gadget Inspector Go go gadget trophy.gif
Three-Tiered Trophy No less than three.gif
Weeping Pizza Angst with extra cheese.gif
Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy The dude abides.gif
Your Log Saw Something That Night Better than bad its good.gif

Tattoos Obtained

  • Class tattoos:
    Class1.gif Class2.gif Class3.gif Class4.gif Class5.gif Class6.gif
  • Outfit tattoos:
    Wreathtat.gif Bugbear.gif Cola1tat.gifClocktat.gif Cola2tat.gif Coldgear.gif Hippy.gif Fratboytat.gif
    Losertat.gif Gnaugatat.gif Ninja.gif Eliteguard.gif Haremgirl.gif Minertat.gif Canadiatat.gif Startat.gif
    Pirate.gif Hourtat.gif Elbereth.gif Eggtat.gif Jfishtat.gif Armortat.gif
  • Ascension tattoos:
    Asc1.gif Asc2.gif Asc3.gif Asc4.gif
    Asc5.gif Asc6.gif Asc7.gif Asc8.gif
    Asc9.gif Asc10.gif Asc11.gif Asc12.gif
  • Other:


  • Ralph? Ralph Wiggum's leprechaun!
  • "Uncle Meat" is a movie of Frank Zappa's, the music of which makes several references to fuzzy dice.
  • Dr. Zoidberg is a crab-like alien in the animated sitcom Futurama.
  • Shadow Rush is an attack from Pokemon Colosseum, which does damage to the user as well as the opponent.
  • The grue is named after the original creator of the Grue, Dave Lebling.
  • "Hoight" is the real name of Wilson the Volleyball in a spoof shown in Family Guy. The main character, Peter Griffin, is stranded at sea, and keeps crying to his volleyball. Eventually, after he yells "Wilson" again and again, the volleyball speaks and corrects him.
  • Mara is the evil of the world, taught in Buddhism.
  • Patrick is a reference to Patrick Star, a (starfish) character in the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Sanders refers to Colonel Sanders, of KFC founding fame.
  • X-LK is the name of the Hall Monitor robot in Family Guy, placed in order to cut down on the skipping of classes. However, like the MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech, it fires at anyone who goes near it.
  • Europa is one of Jupiter's moons.
  • Rock Doom is a take on Black Doom, the villain in the video game Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Helena is the girl often referenced in many of the band My Chemical Romance's songs.
  • The Sleazy Gravy Fairy's name, Patty, is a reference to a character in the sitcom My Name is Earl, named Patty the Daytime Hooker.
  • Chip refers to Chip's Challenge, an old LinuX and Windows game, in which one of the enemies is a pair of teeth. In the original, they appeared as wind-up chattering teeth...
  • Princess shares the same name as an eerily similiar looking (but bigger) monster in Timesplitters: Future Perfect.

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