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Q started playing KoL on Friday the 13th, January 2006, but he didn't find out about this wiki until long afterwards. After the wiki moved here to Coldfront, he finally created an account to help fix some page name bugs introduced by improper UTF-8 handling. On May 28, after having made many, many contributions, he was made an admin and gained the ability to protect/delete pages and block/unblock users. Since then, he has endeavoured to make the The KoL Wiki more convenient both for users and editors.

Wiki Projects


  • Global usage of {{Acquire}} for all item acquisition messages
  • Assistance with addition and insertion of Collection blocks
  • Global usage of {{Itemheader}} on all item pages (later obsoleted by {{Item}})
  • Global usage of {{Enchantment}} on equipment pages (also obsoleted by {{Item}})
  • Insisting that pages for adventures/items containing special characters (accented chars, trademark symbols, etc.) should include the special characters in the page names, along with inserting said characters directly in the page to be stored in Unicode (instead of escaping them with &name;/&#num;)
  • Having substat names (Strongness, Wizardliness, Cheek) be randomized on all adventure/item pages
  • Working on {{FightCard}} (which has mostly fallen out of use)
  • Making pages for compound locations (such as Seaside Town, The Bat Hole, The Cyrpt, The Nearby Plains) show complete maps of the areas instead of only the icon which leads to them (complete with making the icons clickable via {{Click}})
  • Global usage of {{element}} for elemental damage attacks (such as (hot damage) and (bad spelling damage)) and item enchantments (such as +5 Stench Damage)
  • Making {{Spleen2}} to match {{Food2}} and {{Booze2}}
  • Global usage of {{ouch}} for successful attack messages on battle pages
  • Global usage of {{Meat}} for meat gains and losses
  • Global usage of {{HP}} and {{MP}} for HP/MP gains and losses
  • Global usage of {{Adventuretop}} on non-combat adventure pages
  • Standardization of adventure footer "Occurs at [area name]."
  • Coverage of the Penguin Mafia's dealings with The Grim Grimacite Site and The Raffle House
  • Global usage of {{Item}} on all item pages (obsoleting {{Itemheader}} and {{Enchantment}})
  • Implementation of {{Plural}} (and several auxiliary templates) to automatically display plural forms on item pages and wherever {{Acquire}} is used
  • Standardized usage of item images in consumption messages
  • Global usage of {{Adv}} for adventure gains and losses
  • Global usage of {{Useitem}} for all item use message (obsoleting {{Food}}, {{Booze}}, and {{Spleen}})
  • Global usage of {{Stat}} for all stat gains, combat or otherwise
  • Updated usage of {{Acquire}}/{{Adv}}/{{HP}}/{{MP}}/{{Meat}} to drop numerical 1st argument (originally used to specify mode)
  • Global usage of {{battle}} for combat pages (obsoleting {{battletop}})
  • Global usage of item metadata pages (with {{item}}, {{useitem}}, and {{acquire}}), obsoleting {{Plural}} to perform the function of the former {{Plural/autolink}}
  • Global usage of effect metadata pages ({{effect}} and {{acquireEffect}})
  • Standardized NPC store pages using {{StoreItem}} and {{RestaurantItem}}
  • Moved metadata pages to a distinct "Data" namespace to reduce the clutter created by /data pages (and their tendency to show up in Random Page searches)
  • Categorization of images on the wiki and linking them to their original URLs using {{kolimage}}
  • Organization of content pages related to Hobopolis
  • Implementation and usage of {{AcquireClan}} for clan dungeon boss drops
  • Implementation and usage of {{Clantrophy}} and {{AcquireClanTrophy}} for clan trophies
  • Conversion of recipe tables to use wiki markup and stylesheets for consistent and clean formatting
  • Automatic categorization of wiki images residing in "/images/a/ad/" to minimize complaints resulting from advertisement blockers.


  • None


  • Coverage of various new content as it is introduced
  • Keeping page styles consistent, enforcing proper spelling and grammar
  • Periodic modifications to standardization templates to add features as they appear in-game


  • None


  • I am owner of the bot QuietBot - if you need to run a series of repetitive but predictable tasks, post a message on my talk page.

In-Game Info

Username: Quietust (#763168)

Relevant character data not otherwise visible in-game can be found here.