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The (non-tradeable) loot of Hobopolis:

Item Type Notes
Ol' Scratch's stovepipe hat, Ol' Scratch's ash can, Ol' Scratch's ol' britches Outfit (hat, off-hand, pants)
  • Sauceror only
Ol' Scratch's infernal pitchfork 2H weapon
  • +40 Hot Damage
  • +2% chance of Critical Hit
Ol' Scratch's manacles Accessory
  • +30 Damage to Hot Spells
  • All Spells Cast Are Hot
  • Moxie +15%
  • (PM and S spells only)
Ol' Scratch's stove door Shield
  • +20 Hot Damage
  • Deals 40-50 Hot Damage to attackers
Frosty's old silk hat, Frosty's nailbat, Frosty's carrot Outfit (hat, weapon, accessory)
  • Seal Clubber only
Frosty's arm 1H staff
  • (Used to make chefstaff)
  • Melee Damage +30
  • +30 Cold Damage
Frosty's snowball sack 1H ranged
  • +50 Cold Damage
Frosty's iceball combat item
  • Somewhat(?) reuseable
Wand of Oscus, Oscus's dumpster waders, Oscus's pelt Outfit (off-hand, pants, accessory)
  • Pastamancer only
Oscus's flypaper pants Pants
  • Moxie +20%
  • Damage Absorption +50
Oscus's garbage can lid Shield
  • +20 Stench Damage
  • +40-50 Stench to attackers
Oscus's neverending soda useable item
  • 200-300 MP, one use per day
Zombo's skullcap, Zombo's shield, Zombo's grievous greaves Outfit (hat, shield, pants)
  • Turtle Tamer only
Zombo's shoulder blade 2H sword
  • Muscle +30%
  • Melee Damage +30%
Zombo's skull ring Accessory
  • Moxie +15%
  • +5 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped.
Zombo's empty eye combat item
  • One use per day?
Chester's bag of candy, Chester's cutoffs, Chester's moustache Outfit (weapon, pants, accessory)
  • Disco Bandit only
Chester's Aquarius medallion Accessory
  • All Spells Cast Are Sleazy
  • +30 Damage to Sleaze Spells
  • PM spells only
Chester's muscle shirt Shirt
  • Muscle +10%
  • Damage Reduction: 10
Chester's sunglasses Accessory
  • Moxie +15%
  • +20 Sleaze Damage
  • Reduce enemy defense by 15%
Hodgman's porkpie hat, Hodgman's lobsterskin pants, Hodgman's bow tie Outfit (hat, pants, accessory) Each piece gives +25 Hobo Power and +20% all stats
Off-hand All items convert Hobo Power from Hodgman gear. (Not necessarily a 1:1 ratio)
Hodgman's lucky sock Accessory
  • +50 Hobo Power
Hodgman's disgusting technicolor overcoat Shirt
  • +15 Spooky Damage
  • +15 Stench Damage
  • +15 Hot Damage
  • +15 Cold Damage
  • +15 Sleaze Damage
  • Superhuman Resistance to All Elements
Hodgman's imaginary hamster Off-hand
  • All Attributes +20%
  • Converts Hobo Power to + Meat Drops, + Item Drops, and HP and MP Regeneration
  • (Only drops on very low turncount?)
Hodgman's whackin' stick 1H club
  • All Attributes +20%
  • On Critical: Insanity!
They are tradeable.